How do Flying Saucers deal with such G-Force?

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How do Flying Sausers deal with such G-Force?

I'm a Nascar fan, I've seen some incidents where Nascar Drivers (perfect example) Jeff Gordon hit the wall somewhere, recorded 400+ Gs - a number that is incomprehencible. Yes, I know what a G is and in theory, he should have turned to jelly on the inside, more likely just exploded in his suit, but he pulled down the window screen and got out, walked to the ambulance!

But UFOs are interesting. The ones that we see make impossible turns, or complete stops and shoot off in the direction they came from at speeds we know are not of conventional aircraft.

I thought (somewhat loving the thought of) a CONSCIOUS BEING travelling in a GEL LIKE CONTAINER, a poor but adaquate substitute for the human or alien body. a society advanced enough to move about freely from a life force of even the simplest of markers which we concidar something "Living" or not.

Image too if the only way said creatures can travel such long times and vast differences is to give up their original bodies, move into a ooze or something that technically can live many many life times. But the downfall, you can only leave your ship if you can find another "compatable" body to live in. Although you are comfortable with your ship since times is really not a factor you your conscious, it is eternal after all... It does enjoy finding a human to visit in their dreams or as Barny and Betty Hill spoke so well when hypnotized concerning being taken from their car on a very desolate road for four hours. They had no waking recollection of any of the events, and literally were played their voices to them to prove they said it.

But, as much as I'd like aliens to be pure conscious, something in my mind tells me that IF THE WERE all consciousness, that TRAVEL for them would be instantanious for them: but I ponder, can you really travel consciously faster than the speed of light? I strongly believe so, thus if you can direct your conscious, it must be to somewhere - I don't believe it can leave without a understanding of where it is to go - thus, if you need to travel many light-years (wether in ooze or manipulating time) I believe you need to find us before you can travel at wha I like to call "THOUGHT SPEED" it is its own demention, which is NOT in EM2 - the forumla would be greatly altered to include Thought Speed.

Of course, once we had a visitor, maybe Thought Speed still doesn't work except at the SPEED at which the original travel took, and if that were the case, it wouldn't matter a whole lot if thought speed existed if it couldn't be manipulated into speeding travel.

Just wait and see, I know that some day, many thousand of years from now - but one day regular women will give birth to what will be the next AGE OF MAN. I don't believe another version of man will be born (without us knowing) and they somehow over power us to be the greatest species living on the planet. Sure along time ago, two early human tribes might have lived on the Earth and happened to either kill the other or someone died of other causes.

But today (and I swear it is puberty) that will trigger a change in our children that (like a pupa into a butterfly) by the end of puberty these children will be MILLION and MILLIONS in number and Who knows what kind of power they may have to defeat us - if indeed that is their plan.
Living in harmony with a new species of yourself is unlikely, but if it is a normal progression of the many endless ages of man to be replaced by a better species better suited for this planet- Global Warming could be such a physically necessary change in our design.
But back to the title of the post: I can't imagine the G-Force endured at doing mach 10+ and pulling a tight U-Turn or stop, but surely if it isn't the passenger, than it is the craft.

zero point

beee farmer:
Just a thought but if its gravity propulsion, could that not also controll the enviroment inside the space craft to the point that the occupants specific gravity is controlled and maintained to a designated degree regardless of the crafts speed, trajectory or relationship to solid objects?  Not like that hypothisis?  Just ask I will make up another. :-D


     My "take " on the situation is that the "UFO" and inhabitants are doing something like what we call "out of body" travel.  During WW2, these "foo fighters" (which the Germans considered an American secret weapon, and which the Americans considered a German secret weapon) were reportedly sprayed with .50 cal bullets from the bomber's guns, the tracers of which were observed passing through the object in question, after which it sped away apparently undamaged.  It is my understanding that numerous photographs were taken with various bomber's gun cameras, but stamped "secret" and not published.

     Now, as to the "speed of thought" my admittedly limited OOB travel has seemed to be faster than sound but slower than the speed of light.

     At the moment, I am not too interested in explaining unconventional viewpoints causing people to believe me crazy.




You obviously haven't read most of my DARKSIDE stuff - I dont mind going out on the limb and stating stuff that others think whacked. And an admin should have some degree of NOT being too far out. But there is so much that we can't explain, so what is wrong with using what you have expierienced to come to logical (as possible) reasoning for things out-side of general thinking?

Please read my Out of BODY (OBE LINK) at - long and detailed scientific reasoning for OBE - at least ways to trigger OBE which I feel is extremely normal, like blinking, breathing, etc..

I have had less than a dozen OBEs the first memory I had a visual memory of being as low as a cat looking around an old basement, dirt floor, very vivid colors, no real reason why and a latter one I was again low toward the floor looking at my oldest cat laying on the floor - she definitely didn't see me, which stunk - I thought a cat could see alternate plains like that.

But I have had flights, traveling through solid objects and zipping around the sky like superman, controlling much of the flight. I experienced all the primmers, whooshing sounds, voices, vibration, separation which almost feels painful as your conscious body frees itself from the physical - then sleep paralysis as I awoke - for nearly a minute most the time.

It happens and more people experience such things than generally admit it. Being a natural occurance, I don't feel strange about sharing it. Please read the OBE and see if you agree with it, or experience simular events.


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