Dreams that become reality

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Has anyone ever had an extremely vivid dream that awakens you,and you have total recall of it? Take it to the next level-some time later maybe months after the dream,you find yourself in the identical situation and state of mind of which you dreamt? This has happened to me three times in my life,regretably two of the instances involved sudden death. One instance was a family member and the other was of a man whom I never met before but turned out to be the father of a coworker. The third instance was a movie we went to see(just released-not an old one), and I could tell everyone the characters names, the plot, in fact almost every detail in the movie. As it turns out we were not going to see that particular movie but the one we were interesed in was sold out so we settled on the one I had unknowingly dreamt about. Everyone was amazed or in disbelief,as they knew that the movie had not been shown before that date. Well I felt a little strange about it,so we really don't talk about it much anymore. Just thought I would share my wierd side with all of you.

Horns Pure Honey:
have them all the time and I am not joking at least 1 ever 2 months I would say.

Beth Kirkley:
I used to do that when I was younger - dreams, read minds rather well, MAKE things happen, manipulate what people did (made people walk into walls and fall down), manipulate people's thoughts, and could even know what people were doing while they were in a different place from me. It started when I was very young, and my mom realized I could do these things. So she used it to her advantage to "call" me home & such. It was at it's peak in my teens. During that time I found that people have a certain "signature". It's like a smell, color, pattern, and emotion all rolled in one. Once I felt their personal signature, I could "tap into" them when ever I wanted no matter where they were.

I had a friend when I was in the 8th grade that was even better than me. We had alot of fun, and knew what we did was different from other people. But we never realized how incredibly cool it was. It was just more of a game to us. We especially had a blast messing with people. You know how teens can be pranksters. Well we had an advantage with our tricks. It freaked people out, and scared some too........ when they actually believed what we were doing. Some people didn't even want to believe it because it was just too strange.

My abilities died down as I got a little older. I stopped using it and practicing with it by the time I was about 20. Although, I did do some of it with my daughter when she was a baby. She had a book with animal pictures in it, and I would say "where's the" - then think the animal - and she pointed to the right animal EVERY time. She was only about 18 months at the time. I think that's the last times I've done anything like that. That's been a little over 10 years now.

I could probably still do it if I worked at it. It's one of those things that you have to practice at and use often (like a muscle), or you forget how it works. I just haven't had a need for it since I was younger. Like I'd said, it was like a game back then, and had no other real use.

Nowadays, if I need to reach someone, I just call them on the phone. :) Most people are reachable nowadays - with cell phones and all. Seriously, that's how bluntly and simply I see it now. I just have no use for those "powers" anymore. :) I have no need to "know" what people think, because now I'm an adult and know how to communicate with words better. And I certainly have no need to make people fall down and walk into walls - that was just a stupid game as a kid. I also don't feel I need to manipulate other people's thoughts or desires anymore. I never found any GOOD use for it - only sneakiness, manipulation, and a way to pry into other people's lives.

Beth (you might not believe what I've written here, but it's the truth)

Ryan and Beth----------I believe you and respect you for being honest. It is pretty hard  to  try and relate experiences like that to the rest of the world. Sometimes others may ridicule people for having the guts to speak  about their different types of journeys in life. As for me,I love to hear everybody's spin on things that I have not yet been exposed to! 8)

Horns Pure Honey:
Every dream I have had though has to do with me or imediate family. bye


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