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I was listening to my favorite radio talkshow, the program aired about 3 months age, a man names Sam Barns discribed the VERY SIMILAR APPEARANCES between the TALL WHITES and Barrack.

Seriously he said, when the tall whites (usually spotted in the casinos of vegas) dressed as Mid-Easterners at the tables... When the Tall Whites use TANNING BOOTHS, they don't get reddish or bronz but a much darker brown color like Obama.

Sam Barns also challenge anyone to go back four years ago and look at all the photos of him, he swears that Obama is getting BLACK INJECTION (you know next to the white injection Michael Jackson gets I guess)

Sam who has studied the Tall White for nearly 40 years explained how easily they blend in crowed places where you expect every nationality. But thinking Obama did a "Reverse Michael Jackson 180" and darken through the campain - he said first showing he is WHITE ENOUGH to please the CHILDREN of the GREATEST GENERATION, then darken up to pump up the urban vote - something Sam said he had all along anyway.

He finished in saying, since he got blacker and blacker and blacker during a campaign, it shows your willing to see things through a White mans eyes, but as you gain power and closer you get to the election, you stop takking your shots and you get real dark, enough so to pull out the Democrats on election day.  WOW, some thinking - but there is one of everything out there.

Sam concludes on the media. As soon as Liberal media crashes and burns to dust, we will see a Good Republican who doesn't have to WALK ON WATER to win the White House.

It is interesting to hear from the people on the far ends, never thinking there is middle ground, let known a opposite far side. I find myself being more Conservative then either of my parents were as they grew older. Not sure when that happened.

I live and work in a deverse community, I know people for who they are and what they do - whether retired or active duty military, I meet all kinds of people and havee equally diverse neighbors. I love it as does my wife. It isn't a rich neighborhood, as a matter of fact in the 80s during that loan and banking issue many people rented these homes to Section-8 Welfare - who didn't take care of the homes or property.

Finally as times got good through the 90s up to current, all these homes are private owned, either restored in some active project. It is a nice neighborhood only a few miles from work :)

I just don't want to call the man another Lincoln or FDR before he's even sworn in - lol. That is stretching it I believe.

The last thing, either party needs someone from the other party in his team of upper level personnel. This has been done successfully having a GO-BETWEEN which allows bargaining to go on smoother, and a final draft be formed and not rejected.

I think it wise if Obama keeps John McCain around so that Obama can express and answer opposition party questions. It is sick though to think how often it comes down to PARTY CONTROL or PARTY AFFILIATION or just ACROSS THE LINE VOTING.

The only people in Washington representing the people who voted for them, is the person weighing EVERY Bill on its own merit, I would even suggest remove the Party Affiliation from paperwork and see who votes what then.

Glad to see a Democrat in the whitehouse, just so STUFF WILL GET DONE without the regular BS of the House and Senate fighting the President. Better to try anything that you believe may help, then letting us slide even further in a depression.

Silly me to actually think the "good of the people" should come before the good of the party - and worse to the agenda.

We are slipping into a time of ultra liberalism, country wide, city wide protests for gay marriage have already gone on. I'm not saying we all need to live under a Bibilioctropucus who rules according to the world of his god. I'd be happy with a guy who rules with the feeling in his gut after learning all the facts from all the really in the now Cabinette members.

Guess you can tell, I'm boared and at work, just rambling on at 5:30am ThanksGiving Morning. And yet again we see an In-Coming President grabbing at members from PAST Presidencys, We saw all the character from Reagan all the way through Bush Jr. I don't mean to be mean, but by time Obama's out of the Whitehouse, most all of the Republican Machine will be rotting in the graves. The Republicans need fresh young blood, new faces, charasmatic people with good ideas. I swear there has to be a few on the landscape now, I just can't wait to see on or more finally step up to the bat!

I know a lot of people have various feelings about Obama as Commander in Chief - they go from the rediculous to the biggoted to the hateful to the sick, but that's just one side. Many people see him as the right man at the right time, a change (I hope I never hear the word "Change" in another campaign) to so many he is the great hope of a generation, I still haven't heard him say anything that see as hopeful in building a self supportive military - this school money credit has waned since people with fresh diplomas in their hand aren't finding work, as lease not a good paying job that will even cover school loans responcible who went for the SERVE YOUR COUNTRY LOAN or partial Grant.

Okay, I give up for now. Thought I'd share some off beat thoughts by a jerk I hear on the radio, and from it I try to rationize the rest of the world, the real one.

Brian D. Bray:
Nice to hear your thoughts John.

I too object to classifying someone as equal to Icons of the past before they've even been sworn into office.

I can understand the Lincoln refer as a candidate: A tall lanky Layer from Illinois with little legislative experience who makes a run for the white house is a valid comparison of similarity but taking it to the next level and equating the candidate with the accomplishments of a Past President is irrevocably invalid.
One of the reasons behind my Guess Who thread was to demonstrate the same comparisons between Palin and Teddy Roosevelt to show that similarity of candidacy does not equate to similarity to office once elected.  My second point was that some people who might be considered rednecks by today's standards (Palin), have in the past (Roosevelt), made major contributions to our country.
Whether you like the Lincoln/Obama or the Roosevelt/Palin similarity comparisons the purpose is to show that you can't always tell the book by the cover.  Both deserved serious consideration for their position.  The assessment of their accomplishments must await the future.

As far as Obama is concerned: He is being very impressive with his actions and choices so far, in fact it is so well choreographed that I wonder who's the Puppeteer pulling the strings and what the real result will be.

interesting....a little strange  :evil:

my only thought.....when ever the government "gets stuff done", we usually get screwed! 

I'm thinking that Sam (whoever he is) forgot to take his medicine.

I agree Kathy, personally I have a bad feeling that I'm going to miss the fighting and divisiveness that has plagued that last oh...15 years.  That would mean that they are going to start doing something and that is going to cost a lot of money and be a BIG problem.

Sam Barnes with an "e" I think is a typical guest on late night Coast to Coast AM radio, there are many specialists on such topics from basic Conspiracy to Crytozoology (bigfoot, sasquash, Nessy, Chupracabra, etc.) and never forget the Alien Specialists, who basically say there are three ET species with about 8 totally different aircraft.

You need to remember, look at the planes and jets we have today and how different they are compared to each other. Imagine entire species, at different growth levels and the many needs they may have - basically we have Fighters, Bombers and Refuelers mostly filling the skys (militarilly speaking) but I doubt that if WE went on a intergalactical life finding mission, I doubt we'd have a fleet of fighters going deep space. But of course, after a lot of time traveling, we would design our ships to match our needs.

The Tall Whites are interesting though (so says the UFOLOGIST) they are almost transparent (like Micheal Jackson) under certain lighting, yet canblend in as human with very little makeup.

They are generally given to TWO types of ships, the GIANT TRIANGULAR black ships, some say over 1000ft in length and also the pretzel stick shaped (tubular) ships, much smaller - the large triangles have NEVER been seen during the day, although the tubular ones have beens spotted.

I would tend to think the large triangular ones are cities of aliens, like freat cruise ships, but probably more military or scientific. The smaller cigar shaped ones more escourt, shuttle or other small crew count missions.

I don't think for a minute Obama is a Tall White Alien, even if sun tanned really well. But Sam's point was, minus the physical evaluation he had to under go (as did McCain) Obama COULD pass for a tall white (no other Michael Jackson comarisons - lol)

Short and taller Grays, Tall Whites and a handful of ship designs with no count on number of aliens or ships, or the locations they hide - although most people who follow such things agree it is in the deep seas of Earth they dock for their own safety and stealthness.

I asked a question a long time ago now, WHY DO UFOs have HEADLIGHTS and other lights? I guess the only reason is that we would not see them at all at night if not lit up somehow and if we didn't see them, then when they got back to dock, they wouldn't get to see themselves on the news as some blurry little dot, out of focus and totally unrecognisable as anything.

The day will come when it is finally time to meet them, and I believe it will be on their terms - not ours. I don't think anyone who has come or is here still is a threat, we obviously lack in technology and I think any crashes or accidents (whether covered up or so long ago that no real evidense exists) but when they come out of the UFO closet, I don't think they'll be knocking on your door in suits handing out Watch Tower MAgazines.

It is JUST around the corner now 12-21-2012, is there anything to the Myan calendar, do the polar magnatism shift and everything gets effected or anniliate because of that, do we finally get world wide ET contact, does the Second Coming occur or do we all blow up each other in a battle to save Isreal from the rest of the Middle East?

I'll have my back deck up long before them, an elevated 20x24 deck facing South, and I'll be on the deck that night, beer in hand listening to news chammels and waiting for something/anything to happen. Most self proclaimed experts says Dec. 21th, 2012 will be a good day, a day of enlightenment for all of man kind - with those few words, all scenarios are possible. I just hope we are around on the 22nd to talk about it. If not, then either salvation or destruction of mankind are two really good possibilities, if not then OUR EYES WILL BE FULLY OPEN to the mysteries we all seek answers to.


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