Natural cell frames from last year for honey supers?

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Please look at for the words not only of Michael Bush, but also several other experts:

And see my experience comparing extracting to crush and strain (I've done both) on:

The third post compares C and S to extraction and further into the thread are some good pictures of C and S and how easy it is - not to mention the better- tasting honey,

Linda T very biased in Atlanta

I like to  use natural cell and starter strip to avoid chemical infested wax I also wire my frames you can use a extractor

I'm curious, Tillie, as to why you think crush and strain honey tastes better?  I can't imagine there'd be a difference...... :?

Michael Bush:
>Can you use foundationless small cell frames in your honey supers and do extracted honey?  or do you have to do crush and strain?

I extract foundationless frames all the time.  You don't have to do crush and strain.

>My conscern is the centrifigal force on honey filled frames w/o foundation would result in a blowout.

I can cause a blowout with any kind of foundation if I crank it all the way up right off the bat.  Being able to extract foundationless frames is a function of these issues:

1)  The comb is attached a little bit on all sides.

2)  The comb is not brand new wax.  Brand new wax is soft like putty.  After it's a couple of weeks older it's much tougher.

3)  You are gentle with the extraction.  This means you start very slowly and work your way up slowly.  You can have it cranked at the end, but you can't do it until most of the honey is out of the comb.  It's what you should do anyway, as you can blow out wired wax also.

Here's a foundationless frame just before I extracted it:

Hi Ann,

There really is a difference in taste - I think it's because in the extractor the honey has air incorporated into it and it changes the taste.  In crush and strain, it's just honey that hasn't been messed with and it tastes much richer - try some this year - a frame or two - and you'll be amazed.

Linda T


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