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Author Topic: WTB: Books & Literature on Bees & Beekeeping from 19th century or older  (Read 1810 times)

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I find the historical aspect of the the development of beekeeping quite fascinating.  I'm interested in buying books and literature on bees and beekeeping for my personal enjoyment that from the 19th century (1800's) or earlier.  In particular, I'm most interested in 1st editions where possible.  Sometimes 1st editions are too costly, however, and I would be open to 2nd editions which are often far more reasonable.  I've bought a few books online, however I thought why not ask other beekeepers?!  It's such a niche subject...

So if you have anything in your personal library that you're willing to let go if it falls into what I'm looking for, please PM me and we can discuss. 

(I know there are modern reprints (and even free digital versions) of some of the books that fit what I'm looking for, but to me there's nothing cooler than holding the real deal and reading history in your hands).  The old-world English does make for a slower read though...lol