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Author Topic: Strange things that have happened to me.  (Read 5050 times)

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Strange things that have happened to me.
« on: September 19, 2017, 11:35:52 pm »
I've been reading through some of the stuff in here, so I figured I'd post the few things that have happened to me that I can't explain. One time when I was 9 or 10 years old I was asleep in bed when I woke up to it shaking a little. We lived fairly close to some train tracks so I was wandering if that was the reason, but I didn't hear the train or the blowing of the horn like i did every other time. By the time I became fully awake my bed had began violently shaking. It got so violent that it was making a pretty good amount of noise. I screamed for my dad, and as soon as I did it stopped and everything fell silent. He came in and said I must have been dreaming it. Well I'm 29 years old now and I can guarantee you that it wasn't a dream. I was fully awake. No idea what was happening. It wasn't an earthquake, no one else in the house felt a thing.

The second thing that happened to me I was roughly the same age. my mom, myself and my little sister were headed back from my grandparents house, the drive is well over an hour, my dad was at work driving a truck. We had been on the road for 10 minutes or so, I'm just listening to the tires roll when all of a sudden, just as plain as day I hear my dad's voice say "I love ya son."....... He has always said that out of the blue. Still to this day he'll just randomly say that. Well he's always been a big practical joker so I thought he was his in the back of the explorer we were in and playing a joke. I jumped up and was turning around looking in the back. My mama said what the heck are you doing? Sit down! She got on to me for jumping around and coming out of my seatbelt. I asked her where dad was? She said I guess he's at work what are you talking about??? I told her what I heard, she laughed and thought it was funny. And questioned wether I was asleep or not... I wasn't. When we got home my dad was there. Mama told him what had happened and he had a weird look on his face and started asking mama exactly what time all this happened....he seems as weirded out by it as I was. He said he was going down the road in the 18 wheeler and had me on his mind. He said when he went by a place called Chicopee woods where we used to ride our  bikes as kids he said out loud in the truck "I love ya son" and it turned out to be round about the same exact time I heard his voice.....we still talk about that today.

The third thing that has happened (my ghost story) was just 6 or 7 years ago, I was in my early 20's. My wife and I had moved into my great great uncle's old house. He was a carpenter and had built the little house himself out of scrap lumber he could scrounge up. His name was Rufus E. Butler (oh yeah, I said Rufus) but we all called him R.E., or the bubble gum man. He always wore blue jean overhauls that had the zip up pocket right in the middle of the chest.... absolutely every day, nothing other than those on. He must of had 50 pairs of them things. EVERYBODY would get him those overhauls for Christmas every year.  anyway in that pocket of those overhauls was a bunch of bubble gum. He chewed that stuff like CRAZY and we'd always hit him up for some when we saw him as kids. He was a cool old guy. Anyway he died in the house he built. My wife and I had been there for about a year. Nothing crazy had happened. One night we'll after dark someone was leaving my house. I was leaning against there truck window saying goodbye when something caught my eye, when I looked I saw a figure of a man slowly walking, by the time I saw it, it was coming from right against the chimney of the house and headed towards the wood shed. It dawned on me that this was in fact a man walking, and I got concerned about who was in my yard in the middle of nowhere and well into the night. I yelled HEY!! and started towards the person. It never even looked at me.  The distance between me and the figure is probably 25 yards at most. I yelled again, still headed towards the person. Right about the time it made It to the wood shed it flat out disappeared. Then it dawned on me that this figure had overhauls on, and was slightly "glowing"...... Not like in the movies or anything, but definitely lighter than a normal person. And kind of transparent. I turned back around and started heading back towards the people in my driveway, I said did y'all see that $#!+??? They didn't see a thing. And they would have been looking at it from the exact same angle as me. No way they would have not seen it to. I don't do drugs, or drink to excess, take any medication or anything. Never had any mental health issues or anything to that effect..... I saw what I saw....still don't know what the heck it was, but I do believe it was the bubble gum man. Lol.
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Re: Strange things that have happened to me.
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2017, 08:18:33 am »
Don't doubt yourself. Strange things do happen.
About 30 years I kept having these dreams over and over again. They were very real, in color and at the end they would wake me up a little shaken. In the first one, I was driving over the inter coastal bridge coming from work and at the top of the bridge everything went blank and I would wake up. I told my wife about the dream and she got very upset with me for telling her how I was going to die, her thoughts. Every time I drove that route I thought about it and I even showed my wife where it was. Again she got upset. About 9 months after this started it happened, when it did happen,  I was calm and thought there it is and then I realized that the hood of my truck opened and was blocking my windshield. I opened my window and put my head out and drove off the bridge and pulled over.
I usually only remember the dramatic events that startle me awake. You dream in black and white. These are different, they are in color.
One problem with seeing what happens in the future, if is in a place where you have never been before or  very different than what is going on, they can be very hard to believe or know where or when they will happen.
In the 60s I was making paper rockets while we were watching the rockets on TV. My rockets did not look like the ones they were building at that time. My mom tried to correct me but I insisted they were correct. They looked like the Challenger rockets.
I had dreams of us working with Russia on the space project but that seemed impossible. We were in the middle of the Cold War.
I am quite sure, people like Howard Hughes were able to see that future and make financial decisions based on those visions. 
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Re: Strange things that have happened to me.
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2017, 10:31:49 am »
I have an uncle who's wife was killed when she was mowing a steep bank and the tractor rolled on top of her crushing her. She was about an hour away at another property by herself. My uncles watch had stopped working presumably at the same time she died.
Fast forward one year to the day, his watch stopped again! He knew something was wrong. Turns out it was his son. He was cutting up 10,000 gallon fuel oil tanks. Back then sniffers were quite expensive and he had the word from the business owner that they were all fuel oil. Well the third one he cut into was an old gas tank. It blew out windows 1/2 mile away.

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Re: Strange things that have happened to me.
« Reply #3 on: September 28, 2017, 01:57:23 pm »
Ghost stories.  I represented a woman in a divorce.  They had been married 43 years.  He was a police officer, whie she had never worked outside the home, though she was well-educated, and was miserable in her marriage to a very authoritarian man.  She came to me actually saying "poor me.  What am I going to do?" I told her she was going to pick herself up and live up to her potential, of which she had a lot. She moved from Texas to California, where she stayed during the 60-day waiting period.  Meanwhile, the husband contacted me numerous times and turns out he had a sensitive side and was a pretty good artist.  He actually gave me a couple of his etchings, which were very good.  One still hangs on my office wall.  He really loved his wife and wanted to reconcile.  She came back to Texas after 60 days and the change was remarkable.  She was stylisly dressed and instead of plodding, she strutted.  She had no interest in reconciling, so we finalized the dirorce.  A few days later, he committed suicide.  A night or so later, I awakened to see a man standing by my bed.  I rolled forward and came up in a defensive position at the foot of the bed.  There was no one there and my security alarm was still armed.  I had been fully awake when I saw this figure standing over me in the dark.  Just standing.  Not threatening.  Somehow I "knew" it was the husband in the divorce case, saying goodbye.

Fast forward a few years and there was another acquaintance who committed suicide.  She was a very close friend who also left Texas for California, leaving 3 children in Texas, all young adults from 18 to 20.  She was leaving to try to establish a relationship with a man she had met who lived in LA.  before leaving, she asked my wife and me to look after her kids.  Things in LA did not go well and she killed herself.  A couple of nights later, my wife and I were in bed and before either of us went to sleep, we both felt the mattress move like another person was getting into bed with us.  Freaked us out big time, but we felt it was our friend's spirit somehow communicating with us.  We still keep close contact with her children and their children, 30 years later, and think of her often.
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