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OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES FORUM / Re: Gold prospecting using a metal detector
« Last post by Lesgold on Today at 07:35:23 pm »
Hi Phillip,

In the last month I have been lucky enough to find 3 gold rings and one gold pendant as well. Just looking for the people who may have lost it so that it can be returned. No luck as yet.
« Last post by Ben Framed on Today at 05:41:00 pm »
Adding another, could it be the queen was accidentally and unknowingly killed during the time of removing frames, leaving the hive queen-less?
« Last post by The15thMember on Today at 05:27:46 pm »
It depends on why they are acting aggressive.  I can't see that taking four frames of honey would be causing it, especially since I imagine your flow is still pretty strong.  Could it be something environmental that irritated them?  Did someone mow around the hives lately, or could an animal be messing with them?  How strong is the hive?  Could they be experiencing robbing?  Do they have a newly mated queen, who perhaps mated with some nasty drones?  Maybe it's an older queen, but she's just working on the sperm of a nasty drone or two at the moment?  Any more information you could give us would be helpful to try and diagnose it.  How did they look last inspection?  Anything changed in their environment?  Things like that.       
« Last post by Charles Wright on Today at 05:06:20 pm »
I had a top brood box filled with honey. I extracted 4 frames to lighten it up and give the queen room to lay. That was Sunday. Now the bees are attacking everyone who goes into the backyard. I was even stung in the front yard this morning.
My question is"how long will they be like that?" Thanks.
Not sure his behavior after being caught means much.  I thought we were wrong for chastising the Iraqis who executed him when they celebrated.  They had a right to celebrate.

Where we screwed up was in the aftermath of taking him down.  We had a really good opportunity to form a lasting alliance there.  That does fall on Bush, his state and defense depts. 
Where can this lead?

IDK.  She's gotten away with so much for so long I don't have much hope that it touches her.  She's a nasty piece of work and the only saving grace in the whole thing is that she's 74 and her time of continuing nastyness is limited.  Although...I would not put it past the dems to run her one more time.  So far, they have not put forth a lot of options for a Biden replacement. 
Practice, basically.  Especially with Nucs.  They're smaller and usually easier to find the queen.  As far as the other tips, they're all good...sometimes.  Bees on the frame move calmer-sometimes.  She's likely on the frame with the freshest eggs-sometimes.  She's always below the excluder-mostly.  So all the tips are good and helpful but not written in stone.  Just wait until you try to find her on an inspection but can't so you give up, put the hive back together and go into the house for a coffee and she's on your shoulder.  I almost always find my queens now.  Almost. :)
HoneyPump. I need to understand something... If paper combining a laying worker hive with a queen right hive stabilizes it, why do I often hear the best thing to do is shake out a laying worker hive into the yard and let them beg into other hives? Why not always do a paper combine?
As with all beekeeping answers - it depends  :wink:
- If the colony was otherwise tracking well, the beekeeper knows the status of the hive, the timeline of LW development, and it is a decent size colony of over half a box of bees, then the combine is usually the best solution to curb the problem, sort the bees out early and keep the balls rolling.
- If the beekeeper comes up on a hive that is already LW, has no idea or little idea of what has happened when, then absolutely; just tear it down, shake it out, and take the equipment away, no matter what size the hive is.

Does that help?
Kathy I found this CBS article interesting. Accurate? I do not know...

GI Guards Find Saddam 'Friendly' - CBS News
June 20, 2005 / 1:41 PM / CBS/AP. Thrust unexpectedly into the role of
prison guards for Saddam Hussein, a group of young American soldiers found
the deposed Iraqi leader to be a friendly ...
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