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Title: Nascar 2003
Post by: Shep1478 on June 18, 2010, 01:31:49 am
I'm a HUGE fan of a multi-player game called Nascar Racing 2003. Sadly it's no longer available as it was sold and EA picked up the rights from Nascar, etc..etc..

Theres never been another Sim like NR2003. Does anyone know if there is anything in the works to make another one? Or at least something similar?

If any of you ever raced NR2003, you know what I mean!!!


Title: Re: Nascar 2003
Post by: beemaster on June 18, 2010, 07:19:57 pm
Yep... I have raced it thousands of hours and you are so right, nothing ever better with 43 real people with the ability to have their own paint schemes seen by all racing on all sanctioned Nascar tracks. It was an amazing time when Sierra/Papyrus ran their servers and crushing when they stopped.

But many hundreds of clubs still race it out there, a good search of the simulator title and leagues usually pop up lists. The hardest part of course is getting the game, especially unopened - you can Ebay it and see prices of $300 or more and it will sell every time. Obviously one of the most collectible sims ever!

Yes, I paid my $29.95 for it and got the most thrill packed ride of my life. Whether against he highly configurable computer drivers or a pack of ranked level 7 racers, I still say the best money I've ever spent.

You can race SERVER TO SERVER with computer cars on the track too - so setting it up with a friend or how ever many you have is ALWAYS a possibility, that is the last and final frontier.

The sad part was that AFTER spending $20 million in perfecting the physics (never to be matched again I believe) Nascar foolishly licenses their sport to EA and dumps Sierra - I think the most foolish move Nascar ever made - and I have seen foolishness from them for years. Every Race is a failure in turnout at the track, they barely fill 50% of the stands and literally block off massive sections. It is partly due to the economy, but it is mostly due to their inability to relate to the fan-base any more.

Will there ever be another racing game like it, no! Will there be a better sim in the Play-Station Genre, obviously graphics today put 2003 season to shame, but that sim was NEVER about graphics, they were just an added feature.
Title: Re: Nascar 2003
Post by: Shep1478 on June 19, 2010, 01:02:57 am
BM... Is that not just the GREATEST SIM of all time? My God the thought that went into that "Game" was insane!

Like you, I've logged many hours behind my MoMo wheel on all the tracks; even several made up by different teams.  What GREAT TIMES those were!  I loved being in the Lobby area just waiting for races to kick up; at least those without passwords! Hahaa!  I do miss it greatly!  I made some really great friends that I still have contact with today because of that SIM.

You're right about being able to Paint your own cars too. There was some killer jobs out there!  My two favs that I always ran with in the earlier years was a Heinekin Beer cup car and a Weather Channel Cup car. THey were great paint jobs made up for me. Later on, I raced in a US Coast Guard cup car. 

I sure miss the team races too.  We even owned our own Server called ETR (Earnhardt Tribute Racing) which at one point was fairly popular with nightly Super Speedway races.  We ranked up top most nights.

I ahte that no SIM has since come along. What with todays graphics on PC's, I bet it would be incredible!  I tried running NASCAR on the xbox 360 with a group of guys, but that was a disaster with all the wreckers in there. 

Hoping someone like Dale Jr. will front the funds to make another SIM. We've raced with him many times and he's actually a pretty nice guy. He was all about having fun. He would always tell us that if he needed to run a track to work up for a race, he'd always move into single player mode or just run practice if need be.  He was about having good times late at night on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  You know thats how he discovered Martin Truex Jr. was in leauge racing on the SIM.

Oh well, here's a beer for wishful thinking and for greats times in the past.  Ventrillo was a riot too!!

Title: Re: Nascar 2003
Post by: beemaster on June 19, 2010, 12:13:53 pm
I can only figure you read my page ( where I really laid out my feelings on the sim. Talking mostly about my drafting experience and love for super speedways.

Truex is a Jersey Boy, he raced a long time (relatively speaking) at Wall Stadium, our 1/3 mile 30 degree banked asphalt track - truly a mini Bristol with about 6000 seats from turns 4 to 1. He went out with a coworkers sister for some time and even had some fix-it jobs on his cars done by my coworker during work hours which got him in some serious hot water.

I know MOST of the young guns race sims before and after the race, they don't think twice about doing 200 MORE sim laps after racing 500 real ones - amazing and THAT should tell anyone who thinks these things are "video-games" to think again!

Let's hookup some time if possible. I ranked a 7 at Sierra and almost made an 8 when it was taken down, amazing how exponentially harder it is to increase as you climb. It really gets down to pitting then, mistakes on the track happen, but nowhere in Nascar do you screw up as you do entering, pitting and exiting - whether getting out of packs on super speedways or just locking them up and speeding into the entrance. Sooooo much fun, WOW!

Single most trill for me is 3 wide on the bottom of the track at Taladega and fighting tire wear into 1 and 3 - if that doesn't get your blood pumping, you're in a coma :)
Title: Re: Nascar 2003
Post by: cbuchh48 on June 24, 2010, 09:24:24 pm
I've raced online since the 1st papyrus nascar sim. I'm doing it now on iRacing. David Kaemmer, the guy who made the sim has put iRacing together and has out done the previous sims. A lot of real life racers use it. Check it out at

Title: Re: Nascar 2003
Post by: Shep1478 on June 25, 2010, 12:05:40 am
Sorry Boys, Ive been away for a few so couldn't really respond..

Anyways, Yea John.. Lets hook up sometime! Who do you know that runs server(s) where we can race on a regular basis these days??

And Chuck... I've looked into the iRacing and think thats the route to go these days until another dedicated PC game rolls out.

One thing im playing now, if you wanna call it "playing" is the X-Plane 9.0 Flight Sim.. Not a bad product for $30.00 !!

Title: Re: Nascar 2003
Post by: buzzbeejr on January 28, 2011, 09:16:12 pm
ok, so I know I'm jumping in on this kinda late lol.  But I've got it (Thanks again Chris  :) ).  It is a bunch of fun.  I'm lookin for somewhere I can download some different cars/tracks/setups. Anybody have somewhere good?
Title: Re: Nascar 2003
Post by: Shep1478 on January 31, 2011, 08:02:34 am
Have a look here: (

With the site above, depending on what Track you want to race, click on it, and from there you can DL the setups for that particular track. They're not the best, but it's a better choice than standard sets given in the game.  It's a good base to let you tweak and test a bit.