How much honey per hive?


Before I started to make multiple splits I used to keep good records in regards to the honey yield per hive.Making splits definitely is affecting the harvest.I have also been changing to 1/2 supers - due to age and the lack of strength to push a full super up a hill.It has also affected the yield per hive.When Varroa is reaching us, things will change.In the times when I was working double supers and harvesting on a very regular basis I would average just above 170kg per hive in a decent year with the best hive producing close to 300kg of honey in a season.WA is considered to be the best place for honey production.have a read of this:"Back in the fifties, Mr Smith kept bees in Australia?s western forests. One year,  he produced an average of 762 pounds of honey from each of his 460 hives.  That?s right, a 762-pound (345-kilo) average. Many of his hives made a thousand pounds of honey.  His bees were all in one big apiary, in a remote forest 300 kilometres south of Perth."

That?s a lot of honey Max. Sounds like you live in honey heaven. As I don?t move my hives to chase the bloom, I?m at the other end of the scale. After a few good years, the trees have all gone through their cycles and I won?t have any major flowering this year. I don?t expect to harvest any honey at all this year. That suits me as my shed is full of the stuff. Next year should be a return to average yields. I was out for a walk with binoculars yesterday and there was very little evidence of any budding.

Maybe I should have posted this on a general bee post

What is the avaerage yield per hive in parts of the US?

I should be taking more honey off but it is stinking hot and humid out there.

I think I wait for a cooler time ...


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