Varroa in the subtropics

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--- Quote from: Bill Murray on June 13, 2024, 10:45:10 am ---;
--- Quote ---Do the mites actually die with the CO2 method as an alcohol wash? I assume the purpose of the CO2 test is to save bees. Will the mites also regain consciousness?
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This is the way I have done mite checks for, probably going on 8 yrs now. Im sure some of the bees die/ but when you dump them back into the hive the majority of them come back to. The mites are not killed.

I do it, cause for me its quicker, and I dont have to strain alcohol. I had a lot of people tell me it was not a good method when I started, they had been using it in New Zealand, and I believe thats where I got the rig from in 2015 I think. Did it side by side with an alcohol wash the 1st year, and never went back to alcohol again.

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Thanks, Bill.
The video I posted  is in German ( I speak german) but the only reference is to Mannlake .
This is the link:

There is one review - a positive one.
I have not seen the product advertised here.
I noticed Formis Plus is advertised and no doubt more products will become available.
If this CO2 gun works - great.
I wonder if more readers can report their experience?
PS It is 25C here today - nearly midwinter. The bees are busy as.

Bill Murray:
So MAX, an interesting thing here. The o-ring went bad in the co2 gun and I purchased a tire pump gizmo off amazon. works just the same.

Bill, I Googled " CO2 GUN" - it is like Googling " Russian Queens" - you never know what you are getting:

Terri Yaki:
 Couldn?t the o ring be replaced?


Not happy with Formic. What is the alternative?


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