What's flowering: Queensland

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There is not much to report.
The weather has been against us - too wet. Bees can't fly and pollen and nectar would be washed out.
I can see that the Blue Gum ( E. tereticornis) is budding heavily.
It is a reliable producer at the end of winter into spring.
We do get some surplus honey most years and occasionally a good flow.
The timing, just before a strong buildup of brood can be magic magic.

With plenty of soil moisture Clover often performs well too.
A great time to make early splits and some queens. We shall see.

I can see the Golden Rain Trees are  flowering (Koelreuteria elegans subsp. formosana)
It is considered a weed around here but bees love it.
I suspect that the honey is rather dark.

No luck this year . They are a lovely tree to watch bees at work - when the sun shines.

During our wet season we generally find that Cobbler's pegs ( Bidens pilosa) keep our bees happy if we get short bursts of sunshine. Even they could not provide some sustenance for our bees.

Easter cassia ( Senna spp)

This invasive weed is in full flower around our bush areas.
I don't see bees working them at all.
The literature does mention Cassia as a bee plant.
Anybody have any personal experince?

Not a lot flowering - a few Euc's are out and will keep the bees going into Winter.
I went for a walk through anold orchard and was surprised by the number of bees on Cobblers Pegs and some legumes

We haven't had a frost at all so far.

As a result the Cobblers Pegs and Agerathum are still flowering profusely and are keeping the  bees busy.

The Blue Gum have been flowering on and off. I hope that they will give us a surplus come July.
It would be a bonus if we could take off some winterhoney come August.

The Clover is growing - slowly - but looking great. A drop of rain would be perfect. Early morning fog has kept it happy.

No more frost = equals more weeds and bugs.

Keeping the blue banded bee's happy, some cherry tomatoes are flowering.
They also like the tradescantia purple heart, same for the europeon bees.
But more unseasonable rain this week.

Odd, dew over the highway (warrego) but not North Ipswich. hmm... that black stuff during the day, the clouds lit up at night.


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