powdered sugar for varroa

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Today I checked mite drop and found 13 dead. Now was it the sugar or not? I don't know. I do plan on checking the drone cells. Thanks Robo for the pic. I have seen those in my hive and thought they were probably drone. I'll see what is in those cells and go from there. I'm not feeling too inclined to use the sugar again because it was such a pain and so invasive.  
I'm resisting apistan because I think it's a nasty chemical and I'm hearing of mites becoming resistant. As for the acids and FGMO I wanted to avoid buying ANOTHER piece of equiptment to store and deal with.
I may have to relent on that one.

I also wonder if I should be expermenting since I am a new beekeeper. I'm not sure how to file what I'm seeing  sometimes.

To Finman,
First welcome. All input is appreciated.
The idea behind the powdered sugar is to remove the varroa that are on the bees outside the cells. Thats why you're supposed to do three applications, to get the varroa as they hatch.
It is deffinatly an alternative method. And as Robo said still unproven.

Thanks everybody for the help. I'll figure this varroa thing out eventually. :)



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