New hive mite check

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--- Quote from: charentejohn on August 10, 2020, 10:44:46 am ---Is it temperature or daylight dependent, I would guess start of October here as it can still be warm ?   Must be someting that tells them to do it.

--- End quote ---
My guess would be that it's daylight length, since that is what triggers most of their yearly changes to my knowledge. 

Ben Framed:
Bobbee I recommend you view the following.  The first is by TheHoneyPump. Highly educational. the second is a topic which was posted here a couple years ago. Good stuff inside from folks such as TheHoneyPump, Van from Arkansas, Black Forest Beekeeper, The15Member and others. Well worth you time and VERY educational!

Mr HoneyPump put the following together for helping out some newbees in his local bee club. This is derived from discussion here on beemaster.  The 15thMember shared more information and pictures directly and helped him a bit proofreading it.

The above can be found on the topic on Beemaster titled:
"Unsure What's Going On In This Hive". Reply number 84 by: TheHoneyPump

Bill Murray:
Can I use this for my granddaughters 4-H club?


--- Quote from: Bill Murray on July 18, 2021, 03:28:19 pm ---Can I use this for my granddaughters 4-H club?

--- End quote ---
Sure, I don't see why not.  I don't want to speak for HP, but I don't see why he would mind. 

Bill Murray:
It was very well done, and understandable.  And thought it appropriate to ask.


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