What's happening with coffee house entry?

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Four times I've tried to open the thread started by Salvo titled something like anarcho tyrrany.  Each time, by the time it finishes loading, it shuts down the Beemaster site on my iPad.  Is there something about that thread that's doing it?  Am I the only one this happens to?  No other thread is doing it to me.

Well, now I see that all the "new posts" link have been erased, as well.

mine seems OK.

It keeps doing it on mine.  About 3 times since my OP.  VERY STRANGE.  I see othere have replied to it, so it must just be my iPad doesn't like anarchy or something and is rebelling.

Just saying about Icrap.  While you didn't ask for it updates occur and then your WiFi goes beserk.  If your Icrap phone is working then you have to put that in airplane mode and reboot your WiFi.  The Icrap pad will then connect to your WiFi or you will have to select it and reconnect.  Microsoft has some of the same issues with updates you didn't ask for.  I think they are blaming it on Homeland.
Actually Microsoft is worse.  They have taken it upon themselves to obsolete disk drives.  They are not going to support them anymore.  So they give me an update that makes my disk drives not functional anymore.  That's right my disc drives that I paid for are now useless.  So how do I play all the movies I made on DVD disc?  That is what I want to know.  I can't even read the dang things to copy them to thumb drives.

That's one reason why I have one PC that is not connected to the internet (and won't ever be).   

When it dies, I'll use a Mac that's not connected.  Wife asks, "Why do you keep that thing?"


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