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Has anyone tried a varroa screen without a bottom board for extra ventilation, if so how did it work out?

I'm a brand new beekeeper this season, so my expierence isn't extensive, but I have SBBs on both my hives, elevated on cinderblocks.  Even though we've had a cool rainy summer, both of the 4-frame nucs I hived on June 23 ramped up very nicely.

They started on foundation, of course, and have drawn most of two deeps and they're hard at work on the goldenrod flow we have now.

I did put on a solid bottom board under the screen to do a mite drop test. After a week, even with tilting and an upper entrance, there was moisture on that board.  So I think the screens work better, and I'm going to leave them on all winter. From everything I've read, it isn't cold that kills bees, but moisture, so it makes sense to me that the SBBs would help with that problem.

You are basically emulating a screened bottom board.  Yes this will help with ventilation, but providing better ventilation at the top of the hive is more efficient, especially during the winter.

So a screened inter cover during the winter would be a good bet I am guessing. Or just how much venalation is to much ?
 :D Al

Thats a good question.  Old George, among others, says cold doesn't kill a colony.  They freeze from condensation, starve, virii from the mites, etc etc.  I imagine as long as they are protected from snow blowing in, they should make it.  Guess I will know for sure come March.


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