Purple Loosestrife, friend or foe


I hear different things from different people.  Some people say that PL is a good flavored honey, others I know, refuse it.    

I will take the wisdom of this forum as a good indication of the actual case.     :D   You are all brilliant!

Most people, don't like the PL  plant since it is very evasive in wetland areas, but I think it adds a nice purple color around things that would otherwise be green.  I'm also concerend becuase I just read where there is a European Beetle being introducted to combat the loosestrife in an attempt to kill it, and it seems to be working.    

 Is this something Beekeepers should be concerned with?

Doesn't matter if honey bees make good honey from the Purple loose strife plant or not it should bee  killed off.  The beetle was introduded a few years back and it has helped some in controlling that plant but not enough to stop it from choking our more native wet land plants.
There are so many less noxic plants the honey bees make good honey from I see no reason to spare this noxic Purple loose strife plant which  by the way it is illegal to sell it in garden center and even transport it in some areas.
 :D Al


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