Small hive beetles

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I called Dadant in our area and they told me SHB were prevelant here in Michigan.
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Yikes!   I guess it is not just a southern thing anymore.  I guess this just reassures my decision on not introducing any packages or purchased hives/nucs into my apiary.  I'm hoping to be able to stick to swarms and splits and delay them as long as possible.

Here is a good article for those like me who don't really know much about SHB.

Thanks for the link Robo.

The beetles by themselves are not necessarily a cause for alarm. A small hive beetle will sometimes visit a hive, stay a short while, and leave(without mating) even if there are other beetles in that hive. The same beetle will enter another hive and stay. The larvae are the stage that causes the damage. If your bees are attempting to remove the larvae (you see very small larvae on the bottom board) (and you get rid of them)- things are good. If you open the hive and see frames that the bees won't touch (because of the beetle larvae slime) - clean the frames with a water spray and the bees will attempt to reclaim them. I've had hives with 100 beetles and no damage and hives with no (that I can find) beetles - and the slimy mess that the bees won't touch. - remember - your intervention is what causes the mating. Strong hives and screened bottom boards forever!  :D
Mike in Key Largo

Bee Boy:
I read on the Illinois Department of Agriculture that SHB has been found in isolated pockets of Illinois. The site also said that they are now in 24 states :shock:

Here's the link to the IDA site:

Just go under the catagory that says bees and apiarys

Good site Robo! It was very informative :D


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