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--- Quote from: JackMar on September 27, 2021, 12:56:01 pm ---I really have no experience with the IRS and I do not sell my honey in large quantities,

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As a small fry liabilities are probably more of a concern than the IRS.  The IRS can only take a percentage of what you earn.  Lawyers can take everything you own.

I am not an accountant nor should this be considered tax advice, but from my perspective, it mainly comes down to if you want to expense (write-off) your bee purchases as a business expense.  There comes a point where becoming a businesses does have tax benefits, such as being able to expense all of your equipment, feed, supplies, bees, home use for business, etc. etc.  If that interests you, then you need to be a business and I would highly recommend using an accountant to prepare your taxes. (A good accountant is worth their cost as they will usually be able to deduct more than cookie-cutter software--in this case, especially if they are familiar with farming expenses.  If the business aspect is not of interest, and you're just wanting to cover your bum with regard to reporting the income that you're deriving from honey sales, then you *may* be able to simply report it as miscellaneous income--consult a tax specialist to confirm.

I am surprised that now there are people who are looking for an accountant in our time. I have long ago set up a program myself that calculates all the expenses of my business. Therefore, I do not need to hire a person for this and pay him extra money. I found out about it from this article, and I was surprised because I had never heard of such a thing. Now programming has reached another level, and I am sure that robots or machines will do everything for us in a few decades. We will only manage them.


--- Quote from: porijendel on November 08, 2021, 08:37:27 am ---I recently read an article about QuickBooks and Freshbooks, what should I choose for my business?

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How big is the business? 
A simple check register will do.  A spread sheet if you like digital.  I used quickbooks for an antique business with 50-60 vendors.  I used a spread sheet for a snow plow business.  Same accountant for my wife & I and the two businesses.  We also were landlords.

Welcome to Beemaster. 
Please update your profile with your location. The US has a wide range of climates and beekeeping is very local. This helps to answer your questions properly.
Jim Altmiller


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