Getting into the black

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I have finally gotten above my investment. A lot of hard work and even working in downpours last spring. I have a full time job that works me 6-7 days a week, but they wont break my spirit. I hope my next move will to work somewhere with less hours, to give me more time in my bee growth. Loving this addiction.

Rookie, I brook even last year (my 3rd year). Very encouraging to be doing something profitable that you really enjoy.

That's awesome, I'm going into my 3rd season. Do you think that is the average?

By my third year I had 12 hives and 9 of them were at working strength. That year we pulled 1200 pounds of honey. By the time it was sold, I had broke even. That included paying for an 18 frame motorized extractor.

I'm going into my 4th year.  I'm probably still in the red but I've been building lots of woodenware this winter.  Hopefully enough for a couple of years.  I haven't been that concerned about the sales aspect of beekeeping yet.  I am trying to get my hive numbers up first.  I've got ten strong hives that made it through the winter and my goal is to at least triple that by next year.  I'm just enjoying learning about my bees(and teaching others about bees) to be concerned about a few hundred dollars either way.  I think that if a person wanted to make money from their bees they could do it fairly quickly if they were willing to put in the effort.


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