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How does one find a buyer for honey in larger quantities? I have done well at farmers markets and such but I will soon outgrow that market. Who buys in 55 gallon drum quantities and how do you find them? I have also heard that crossing state lines can be an issue. Any imput? I am at the stage where I have to make some hard choices about how big to grow this thing. Im in North Florida if that makes any difference. Any and all advice apreciated. Thanks

Bee Happy:
someone posted about a month ago looking for 55 gallon drum quantities. I'll check in the archives and post the thread here if I find it.

well the time lapse wont show, but here's the thread you want.,28515.0.html

Doug McGinnis from Tropical Blossom Honey in Edgewater, FL buys many, many barrels of honey as well as cut comb. Most of his beekeepers are in North FL and GA so I'm sure there'd be a way to piggy back the sale. Sorry I don't have his # for you, but a google search should work.


Thanks to you both! I must admit I dont know where Edgewater is but I can read a map even though I graduated high school in middle Georgia. I will check it out. Thanks again and best of luck. Anyone else have any ideas?

Also check with Groeb Farms in Belleview, which is in the Ocala area right off I-75.


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