The plants they love

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alleyyooper aka trailtwis:
The classic bee on the Purple Cone Flower.

Crimson King Red Clover

Blue Scabosca

 :D Al

Bee on Agastache, Blue Foutian. The first flower species in bee keeping for dummies.

Purple Lartis is also good bee food.

Who said that honey bees didn't like Red Clover?
They do here.

They like my pan of rocks as a water source better than the bird bath I have in place for them. Fact is I never see them at the bee bath even though I have it fixed with perches for them.

They love this shrub, I have forgotten the name of and and have to go back through our old plant tags to find the name. I do remember it starts with an H. We are also looking for more of them to plant.

Autum Joy Sedum, They were on this one so thick last fall you couldn't see the flower head. We have planted 10 more plants along with a bunch of Asters for fall bee food sources.

 :D Al

your mystery plant is  a Hypericum, commonly called St. Johnswort.  It was one of the first plants that my llamas (meadow maggots!) decimated.  It's an attractive groundcover, I wish the llamas would have left some for the bees.

Thanks for the name of the Hypercum plant. been looking for two weeks for another one to put in the new bee garden we planted with out results.
Here are some more favorites of theirs in this area this year. I say that because last year they were all over the sweet clover and this year they are rarely going to it. I'm told all the rain we have been getting washes all the nectar from it.

Butterfly Bush Indigo some thing or other. Is hard to remember all the names with about 12 in the different gardens.

Doing chin ups.

 :D Al

This is called Swamp Milk Weed.

Yellow Butterfly Bush

 :D Al


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