Careful Hunters and Beekeepers in Bear Country!

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We went on a cruise to Alaska several years ago. When we pulled into Juneau we heard that bears frequent the town dump that was on top of the mountain overlooking the town. Judy and I took our movie camera and walked up the really steep road to get to the dump. It took more than an hour to get there, maybe 2 hours. We walk into the dump, camera in hand, went to the back of the dump and saw a large black bear. I started filming and turned to whisper something to Judy, and she was gone, after looking around I saw her heading to the entrance. Here we walked for almost 2 hours, straight up, to see a bear and as soon as we do, she takes off running.
I continued filming this bear eating until a small plane flew over our head and scared it.
I have the video to prove it including Judy running away. 😂
Jim Altmiller

Haha!  Both of those stories are very funny.  Despite living in bear country, I have never yet seen a bear in the wild.  The closest I came was last month when we were on a hike.  Back through the trees I saw a big shaggy black hunched shape, and I gasped and stopped short, only to realize in the next moment that it was a blackened burned tree snag!  We had a good laugh about it!  :cheesy:

Ben Framed:
Great memories for you two Jim..  :grin:

Member, at least you was observant! You wasn't going to be caught flat footed...  :cheesy: :grin:

About 40 years ago we were camping in a Lake Tahoe camp ground. We had just come back from a drive around the area and my 2 year old daughter, Jamie, get out of the car and walks into our campsite. Judy heard a noise in the tree and calls Jamie to come immediately. Jamie asks why mommy, Judy very sternly says come here. About this time a brown bear comes climbing down the tree right above Jamie. No one got hurt but it did give us a good scare.
Jim Altmiller


--- Quote from: BeeMaster2 on December 01, 2021, 04:32:06 pm ---... About this time a brown bear comes climbing down ...
Jim Altmiller

--- End quote ---

Sorry to be picky Jim - should read "brown phase black bear".

(Black bears come in many color phases. Brown bears are in the Grizzly family. Califonia, thankfully, hasn't had grizzlies since 1920ish - although they will be moving back soon.) Sorry - its a peave of mine.  :grin:


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