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Ben Framed:

--- Quote from: Acebird on August 21, 2021, 08:59:47 am ---Seriously Phil, it is no different then any of the other unlawful aggression we find ourselves in around the world.  My biggest fear is that the only reason we are pulling out of Afghanistan is so we can start something with Iran.  As far as I am concerned the tragedy of the last couple of weeks is nothing compared to the tragedy of the last 20 years.  Or for the next 50 years for those who served.

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Thanks Brian. I am happy you are talking seriously. You and I cut up so much that it, at times, might be difficult for others to tell the difference. lol 😊.
You may be right about foreign entanglements in which we find ourselves in during such circumstances as we are in now. Ron Paul discussed this very subject several years ago speaking of Afghanistan. Who listened?  I have considered this very thing you are relaying, as well. Along with other prospects, adding icing to their cake. I might relay those thoughts at another time.


--- Quote ---Keep exaggerating your attacks on this administration if you will.
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I am not given to exaggeration, but this is a true CF.  I have no problem with leaving Afghanistan, although we have not been fighting there for almost 2 years.  I DO have a problem with the way this was done.  As with all things, execution is key.  I don't know who advised on this or whether or not that advice was taken.  No matter who made this mess, the captain goes down with the ship and this one is sinking fast.


--- Quote ---Wake up Phil.  All military operations are tragic.  Best to end the tragedy after 20 years No?
Another thing you might remember is taking in 120,000 citizens from South Vietnam at the end of that exercise.  Yes they were called immigrants. They were scooped up by manufacturing facilities and businesses around the country.  Now here we are where business are crying for help again.  Gee I wonder where they will get it.  Poor Kathy has got to be shaking in her boots.  Most are going to be Islamic.
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I am not sure why you think I would be shaking in my boots?  Perhaps you could clarify?


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