What's Next In Virginia?

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Ben Framed:
Quite a number of citizens made it a point to demonstrate that the Second Amendment is to compromised no further by the Constitution Busters in Virginia. Is the Governor and squad still insisting on more second amendment tyranny?

Ben try to learn something from history.  If by some stretch of the imagination you could eliminate the second amendment from our constitution all it would do is turn law abiding citizens into criminals.  Just like prohibition, the use of mary jane, and abortion.  None of these changes will affect what they outlaw.  Secondly, the corruption of our present white house administration has all but eliminated the other two branches of government to the point that the written constitution is meaningless.

I have to admit that I have a hard time trying to understand the points you make in your posts.
The people have the inalienable right to defend themselves against criminals with ill intent or governments with ill intent. Protecting free speech is nice. Protecting the power of people with meaningful force is crucial.

Why every discussion pivots to Trump baffles me.

As far as I can tell, the Constitution is functioning just as the founders intended it to through today's events. It may be ugly and messy, but we have a less than perfect system doing its job whatever the less than perfect outcome is. Have faith in the system.

There is an election in November in Virginia.  I suppose the voters will make some changes.
We do have interference from the Soros groups to be concerned about, but the ultimate decisions will be made by the voters. 

NO, Joe. The ultimate decision will be made by the vote COUNTERS.


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