A Second Civil War


Hi Folks,

I heard this past week of studies about what would actually happen if progressives imposed strict gun control, in the name of public health. It is believed by many on the left that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN. America would just suck it up. BOHICA Folks.

A couple of videos about conflict. The first is a link to Breitbart. Listen to the maroon. Read the comments!!! Many are angry,... and apparently armed,... and advertising it.

The second is about a conflict from 1979. Both sides were armed. Forget what each side was called. Just think of Side A and Side Z. There were only a few deaths! Someone, a civilian, actually pointed a gun at another human being and pulled the trigger.

Don't comment about specifics here!!! We don't want knocks on our doors. Just answer the question to yourself. Could you aim at and fire, with intent to kill, another human being? When do we become soldiers? Will it only be three percent of us?

I hope President Trump is wearing body armor. If they can't destroy him professionally, if they can't impeach him, if they can't jail him,... if they can't make him throw his arms up and LEAVE...

I just deleted some things I wrote. No sense focusing attention on myself. They're watching. It's not paranoia.


""Could you aim at and fire, with intent to kill, another human being?""

I spent a year in viet nam. Guess at the answer to this one.

I do not understand why Maher thinks it is funny or acceptable to sling hurtful insults at roughly half the country.
I am not surprised that the targets if his hatred are infuriated by the onslaught of verbal attacks.
Decorum is fading in our country.

Hi Folks,

With all due respect, more CIVIL discourse from the ...

Click and scroll to the video.

I have noooooo comment.



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