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Ben Framed:

--- Quote from: Michael Bush on November 14, 2019, 12:34:54 pm ---I think Nixon would have won out in the end and I think he knew it, he just thought he was no longer valuable as a president when they were spending all their time hamstringing his presidency.  He did what he thought best for the country, not himself.  Just like he did not contest the election when Kennedy won even though it was close and there was obvious voter fraud in Illinois.   
 He probably won if you throw out the fraud.  He thought it better for the country if he did not contest it.  So the president who thought the country was more important than himself, got us OUT of the Vietnam war, reestablished relations with China, started the EPA, ended the draft, started D?tente with Russia, stopped nuclear proliferation with an Anti-Ballistic missile treaty, negotiated a middle east treaty and all anyone remembers is Watergate and they don't even remember that the only involvement he had was trying to keep it from becoming public.  His reelection was the biggest landslide of the electoral college since Washington got 100%.  520 electoral votes to 17 for McGovern.  Once all the anti-war protesters die off he will be remembered as one of the greatest presidents in US history.  Of course he had to mess that up with wage and price controls...

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Mr Nixon wrote a letter to Donald Trump many years ago encouraging him. Roger has a Nixon tattoo on his back. Roger also worked for Nixon and has been friends with Mr Trump since. When Mr Trumps executive helicopter went down a few years ago, Mr. Trump was supposed to have been on board. Just before Mr. Trump left to board the helicopter, Rodger called and told him he had some very important Business to talk to him about. Mr. Trump ask Rodger if they could discuss it later as he had to leave immediately. Rodger told him it was imperative that they talk immediately so Mr. Trump said come on I will catch another. While they were in the office discussing the important business, Mr. Trump received a telephone call informing him that the helicopter had went down and there were no survivors. I heard Rodger say this out of his own mouth. Some say Roger Stone saved Donald Trump?s life. Rodger said he did no such thing, he attributes it to the glory of God. He said it was God?s intervention that saved Donald Trump that day. ?I was just a tool?  Now the left is trying to destroy each of them Simultaneously. Coincidence I think not.

Michael Bush:
>He put the country first by resigning, as did Ford by pardoning him.  Ford is another who is very under-rated.

Yes.  Ford "fell on his sword" to end all that so the country could get back to work.  He might have made a good president for another term, but the left was too angry about the pardon for that to ever happen.  It was political suicide for the good of the country.

I'd be willing to pardon Trump if he would resign. LOL

Ben Framed:

--- Quote from: Acebird on November 15, 2019, 09:27:34 am ---I'd be willing to pardon Trump if he would resign. LOL

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--- Quote ---I'd be willing to pardon Trump if he would resign.
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Then he could run again!   :grin:


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