Why we need gun regulations

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Hello, as of right now, my best friends mom was killed in the Vegas shooting, one of my good friends just graduated parkland highschool last year and texted me from the Walmart she was hiding in during the shooting, and people still think that guns are not the problem? I'm sorry but children are DYING here and I think that we should put peoples lives before your guns.

Hanna, I have owned numerous guns for nearly 60 years. NOT ONE of them have ever shot anyone. If guns, rather than people, are the problem, please explain to me why mine are so nice and others go around killing people.

If you agree people, not guns, are he problem, why do you want to take away the good people's only protection?

England took the Guns away but now they have a serious problem with people being stabbed to death with knives.
Cars kill far more people than guns. Even doctors and nurses kill far more people through negligence than guns do. Are you going remove all cars on America?s roads? What about doctors. Then you say that doctors save people?s lives. So do guns every day but the media never report these incedents. They want to unarm America. Guns are the only thing that protects us from government people that want total control over you.

Hi Hannabee,

Welcome to beekeeping. I see you've posted just a few times,... and jumped right into a more interesting sub-forum. Take a deep breath. There are all sorts of opinions in the world. Hang in there.

It appears that you're young (my friend's mom,... a friend from Parkland). You have my empathy. Two high profile crimes have touched your life. Horrible odds. There are many horrible things in this world.

If you knew any of us as mentors or members of your club, fellow church members, you'd know us as nice beekeepers, nice people. You'd likely never know of our more personal hobbies or lifestyles.

I promise you that no one's firearms from this forum will hurt you or your friends. None of our cars will hurt you either. None of us will kidnap you or anyone you know. We will never break into you home or rob you. But it's a difficult world out there. Be vigilant. Be aware. The police can't always be there to protect you. Your government can not pass laws that will keep you from harm. Drugs are illegal. Too many young people get drugs and die from overdoses. The city of Chicago is a shocking example of government not helping.

It's interesting. Years ago, in Boston, it was newsworthy that the city crime rate, especially on the rapid transit, was surprisingly down on days that gun owners met and rallied on Beacon Hill, the center of our state government. It was decided to never write about that again in newspapers. A common saying among gun owners is; It's better to have a gun and not need it, than to need a gun and not have it. And: An armed society is a polite society.

Grow old. Make your own decisions. Don't do drugs. Be as safe as you can be. Keep interacting in this whole forum. Keep interacting with people of common sense. Make it a point to keep things in perspective.

We're not looking to change anyone's mind. We just expect the same considerations.


thank you salvo, your response has been the kindest so far. I do not think that this beekeeping community will be any harm to me :) and indeed hope that I will learn more about bee keeping as it is a budding hobby that I have. You are right, and I do not think that we should ban guns completely, I think that we need stronger background checks, more regulations on who can own guns and what aspects should be more closely looked at.  thank you.


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