What is your state law to protecting property?

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 You can not shoot to Protect Property. If someone steals a four wheeler from your yard, you still can't show a weapon or you'll be on the way to jail too. Unless you are in immanent sever  harm or belief of possible death, you can not discharge a firearm. End of story - I know there are many states where I wouldn't want to be a burglar there.

So what can you legally use your weapon to defend?

Here, life and life of others.

Here, life and life of others is the only way you can discharge a weapon in an altercation.

However, you can use it as a show of force, without pointing it at the person. Simply pulling it out and holding it to your side, pointing down, is a legal way to stop an aggressor.  Open carry is also legal, so it also shows the person you are armed and it might be better to back off. Once you point it at a person, you might as well pull the trigger. The consequences are nearly the same.

Michael Bush:
Can't use deadly force to protect property in Nebraska.  If you are fear of your life or safety you can defend yourself.  I don't think the law is that specific otherwise.  I don't know that you are "required" to flee first...

I believe ga. Is a stand your gound state. Don't quote me on that tho.


Hops Brewster:
Utah, shoot to protect yourself, another person, or your property.  No retreat required, though avoidance is recommended.


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