Registering your weapons

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Thanks for posting this, I never knew there were so many things that could be considered a weapon. I guess a can of bug spray is out and God forbid spray glue, that's a flame thrower in the wrong hands.

Good info.

registration is a required precursor to confiscation.  kathtp

You are absolutely correct.

All local, state and Fed law enforcement has access to your gun registration.  They are not supposed to but they do. 

When it time comes, if it does, the conceal carry and registered guns will be the first to be rounded up by the police.  Do not kid your self about the power of the government. 

Eric Bosworth:

--- Quote from: beemaster on January 01, 2015, 03:16:51 pm ---Here in NJ, all weapons must be registered; handguns, rifles, shotguns. We do it because it is how the system works, it falls back to leaving the gun-shops to follow the rule of the law.

If you have a private purchase, it must be done with transfer papers - this one has the fudge-factor where many people who have a rifle they've had for 20 years will be sold for cash, no paperwork filed - not legal, but done. This is people imposing their own "Grandfathered Clauses".

But it is rare that people here will sell a handgun without the seller filing the proper paperwork and only then if the buyer has a valid 90 day permit to purchase a handgun - most people just go to the local gun shop and let them handle the paperwork, as if the seller were from out of state and the gun shop gets its $35 transfer fee and the government gets its $15 for background check.

So given the law, most of weapons here are registered, or should be - that old shotgun your dad left you as an inheritance by law needs you to file for a Firearms ID Card and transfer it into your name, although there likely is no record what so ever of it on file. If you end up using it to defend you home, you sure better have the paperwork or you will likely be arrested for illegal possession.

Do you have mandatory registration now?? Or if it became law how responsive would you be to it? Not trying to pick out those who would buck the system, but being a law abiding gun owner - assumes you are law abiding, even if the rules change and you don't like them.

I imagine most members here would say/agree that how many guns and what type they have is NONE of the Government's business - the 2ND Amendment is to rally against tyranny and showing the government your "hand" is slaughter - they just come with more guns then you and they win.

I do everything as required, likely a product of our State's anti-gun hurdles - mind you, I'm not talking the police, they are very much for personal gun ownership in our state with carry laws (poll results I have seen somewhere) it would make their job easier, but their job is to enforce the law, not enforce their beliefs.

--- End quote ---
OK then what constitutes a weapon? Isn't a kitchen knife just as deadly without requiring ammo? Perhaps it requires close proximity but it is just as lethal. By the logic of requiring gun registration they could require you to register just about anything. Maybe that is why they require car registration.

I made a potato cannon for my kids.
Registration was required.


--- Quote --- Perhaps it requires close proximity but it is just as lethal. By the logic of requiring gun registration they could require you to register just about anything.
--- End quote ---

don't laugh.  to buy a sharp kitchen kitchen knife in England, you must sign for it and be over 18.  you can't carry something as simple as a pocket knife with a blade more than 3 inches and you can't carry a locking's for your own good, you know?


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