Our second amendment at work

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This is why we keep our guns:

It is true that you are the first response to your own destiny. This was a good case for that. Camera helped to prove there was a crime and enough guns pointed at the thieves to keep them there. But there is a THIRD factor: how do the police respond when they arrive!

Police in states where guns are common are NOT on the same anxiety level as none carry states. No matter the situation (outside) in NJ, the first thing is we would be ordered to place our weapons down and step away, hands on our head - they'll manage everyone, good or bad: meaning, there are no "good guys" except police "OUTSIDE" of the home.

If you have a gun on an intruder in your home, you are treated with a bit more respect. But cops here ARE NOT ACCUSTOMED to people with guns - in all most EVERY CASE people with guns are the BAD GUYS.

So the mindset of the law dictates how law enforcement will deal with the situation when they get there. But I pity the guy using a gun he owns lawfully as a carry weapon here (which we just don't have) using it to shoot someone trying to rob him. Yes, better judged by twelve than carried by six, but saving your own life will get you a felony, lose you FID, confiscate your weapons, jail time, loss of employment, etc..

Life is very different where carry laws exist - here a cop even gets a peak at a gun and he goes in right to high alert.

I am always amazed that the people in your state tolerate your gun laws. I would never move to NJ. I also will not even drive through your state if I do not have to. Why don't people in your state revolt against your laws?

they would rather hug a timber rattler

I got to say, I'd never move to NJ either - we are the most densely populated state at 7300 people per square mile, although (me as an example) am 60 mile from NYC and 45 to Philly, we pay the same as they do for everything. 2 coworkers from Virginia came to my base with a $5 an hour raise, with shift differential, work holidays and plenty of overtime - they are barely making it here. One of them I know is going back, they other has put several applications back in VA through USAJOBS. They can't afford to live here.

And Jim - don't come through NJ with guns, permits are required for out of state pass-through state travelers. The best you can do is separate everything in your trunk, even keep all magazines unloaded and announce to an officer if stopped what's in the trunk if he finds reason to search your car. It wouldn't be a big deal, if that's all there is, you'll be on your way, but an undeclared weapon is up to a felony charge here - even if fully licensed and registered outside the state - NJ accepts no other states Firearms IDs.

I hope to retire in just under 6 years - our goal is to get out of here. My 2nd Amendment Rights may not be FIRST on my list - but they WILL BE on my list near the top.

As far as a revolt, this over the top Liberal state has had so many pro gun open meeting, protests and rallies, but to our state senate, all weapons can be assault weapons and HONESTLY if our Governor Chris Christie weren't running for President - we'd likely have been reduced to ten round magazine and a lot of other rules.

We're bad, but I feel for NY, all ammo is over the counter - face to face. They can't take advantage of Gunbroker, or Bud's Gunshop ammo deals - they have to go to a local gunshop to buy their inflated prices IF they have ammo too sell.


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