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Author Topic: the shadow in the door way  (Read 3481 times)

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the shadow in the door way
« on: October 26, 2011, 06:20:34 am »
wheni was little my sister and i shared a room and in the middle of the night i would wake up and see in the door way (since we slepted with the door open) a shadow of a person with a hat only about 5'3 in hight. i had put it out of my mind seeing as since i was 4 i have worn glasse.

Then it was in the last year that i asked my sister if she had ever seen the shadow, and even recently i told my father about the shadow that he told me about his grandmother who was known for wearing that style of hat.

Funnily this year we got two black cats and they refuse to go near the room where my sister sleeps, they only enter when my or my sister are in the room and stay far away from that hated doorway.

Scarely enough great grandmother Ida and her husband Willy built the house we live in (back in 1927).We were never scared of the shadow it would just be there watching us sleep like a mother would, maybe to make sure that we would see the morning? Has anyone else seen something similar and have not been afraid?
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