Apithor and ventilated bottom board


Charlie Bezzina:

The apithor instructions specify that they are not to be used on hives with perforated bottom boards. Unfortunately I purchased a mesh bottom board with a oil tray thinking it is better and have now noticed the beetles inside the hive.

The apithor worked well in my old hive base, so I would have liked to put an apithor in but it seems that's not an option. What are the alternatives? I want something that is effective. What is working well for you?

Ben Framed:
The purchased apithor is not necessary in my experience thanks to information shared by members here, Beemaster2, Paus, and others.  I found the recommended screened bottom board using (number 8 hardware cloth), with an oil tray benefit does the job very well.


Since I have learned to keep my bees from having too much space, I don't struggle too badly with beetles anymore in my location.  I will sometimes put squares of generic Swiffer sheets in the corners of my boxes if I notice more than a beetle or two in a hive.  I do catch a couple bees in the sheets usually, but if there are more beetles than bees caught, I think it's worth it.  I also have some beetle traps that hang over the frames which are easy to use, but I haven't needed them in a few years.   


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