First swarm cells 2022

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Bee North:
I was making nucs today and one of my hives was preparing to swarm. It had 7 or 8 capped cells and packed with bees.

All my hives have a lot of drones. They are all strong, hence the splits.

And so it begins!

Good one!

I'm still a few weeks off

First swarms in Northern Victoria
At cherries yesterday adding supers here are 2 swarms in the cherry trees. These bees are only 7 days out of almonds but have had 7 days access to canola.
Didn't take much to tip them into swarming, cells had to have been made at almonds.

Bee North:
Isn't that a bit early for down there Oldbeavo?

Hi Bee North
I wish it was as it would make life easier.
We only had 2 bee operating days due to weather this week and inspected 64 hives that about 12 had swarmed. We caught on but the others have gone when we are not there.
Alot of queen cells in others so heavy splitting, usually removing 3 frames of brood and bees.
Still 125 hives to go if we can get some warm weather, but with warm weather they will also swarm.


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