Hands off our Vegemite

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It is hard to imagine but on a really Aussie subject ie Vegemite we have to be concerned that some uncaring US owner (Kraft) of this truly iconic Aussie tucker has tried to adulterate with other STUFF and then had the hide to try and flog the stuff off.

What a hide :-x

Now I dont think that there would be one dyed in the wool Aussie that wouldn't like Vegemite on toast, Vegemite sangers, Vegemite and butter pikelets and and and. I can't imagine all the ways I like Vegemite.. even Vegemite and honey! Dead set! Then I have even heard that there are some from the other side of the Pacific that have tried it and like it so much they are screaming at the US Gov to let them import it  :roll:. Even like it better than Bourbon!! or their favourite sheila!! But! Hands off, it is ours and we need all we can get. Imagine if 200,000,000 yanks tried it and decided that they liked it so much, there'd be none left for us.


What exactly is vegemite??

David LaFerney:
Isn't that like spam but made out of turnip greens?


spam, properly prepared, is quite good.   :-D
vegemite is a yeast extract, it can be used even for stock cubes, mmmmmmmmm, but the greatest invention is vegemite soup, now mick, im not sur eif you have tried it before but its the bomb,, seriously man, it is similar to promite, marmite, etc etc, but obviously much better,, when i was travelling round europe, i had, 2 sets of clothes, a jumper, and my ipod and a big jar of vegemite, its like a girlfriend,, :P


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