Electric heating of colonies during spring weather

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I'm not sure if the last few posts in this topic were yours. Check to see if you are logged in, we cover logging in problems in the TECHNICAL SUPPORT FORUM - it can be a little tricky at first.

But if you are asked for your USERNAME and PASSWORD when you are posting - you ARE NOT logged in.

If this wasn't you in the post listed as "Guest" then to the guest, I'm curious what country you are from, you posts are interesting - thank you.


--- Quote from: beemaster ---Finman:

I'm not sure if the last few posts in this topic were yours. .
--- End quote ---

Yes, they are mine. Difficulties to see, when i am in or out. Sorry.

I have 2 computers, at my work this and at my home another, different IP-numbers.


The IP isn't really the issue - only time THAT would be in play is giving someone the BIG BOOT from the forum - which I hope will never have to happen here, this is the friendliest forum I have ever been a member of.

The software is just a little strange, requiring you (sometimes, but not always) to log-in twice, not recognizing your first attempt and THAT throws a lot of people off at first.

I think the best thing I can always suggest is to CLICK ON THE HONEYBEE IMAGE to go back to the main page rather than choosing back in your browser - and of course (if possible) click on REMEMBER MY USERNAME and PASSWORD option.

I don't opt to stay logged in at work because it is a multi-user computer and Windows 2000 (what the Federal Government here uses) is quirky in the multi-user department, although we have to log in individually.

So, glad to have you aboard again, I see a second Fin aboard just yesterday too - I've seen stranger coincidences, but you guys might be friends or neighbors! Also, another member from India :)

Believe me, I enjoy this forum every bit as much as everyone else here - I love the LOG-HIVE images from Sean Chan from Malaysia - they really stick out as the most interesting hives I have ever seen.


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