How long to see eggs?

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I hived a swarm 2 weeks ago yesterday. It was a robust sized bunch of bees, they took to the hive nicely. I found the queen and carefully put her into the notch of my inner cover, whilst the colony marched up the ramp board. Fast forwarding I checked them 2 days ago, they are drawing comb nicely and filling it with nectar and pollen. But there are no eggs. I have looked for the queen, and I haven't found her. I checked each frame carefully, and there were no eggs. How long would one be inclined to let it sit and watch it before they decided the hive was no longer queenright? Are there other signs? When I checked them 2 days ago, they seemed quite calm to me, and there were 30 or so bees at the entrance fanning away like crazy.

To experiment and hope, I would wait 7 more days.20 days after emergence if she was a fresh virgin.

To be sure of having a good hive, I would buy a queen today.

 To not guess, I would add a frame of eggs today and check for queen cells in 4 or 5 days.

I would go with Iddee options 1 or 3 just because I?m not much on buying queens.

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I would go with option 3 if you have other hives to rob a frame from.  I also don't like buying queens.

Thanks for the feedback! Well I went in and did an inspection when I got home from work today. I found 3 eggs total. There may have been more, but I didn't want to disturb the bees too much. One egg was laid in a cell on top of pollen... But all were in the center of the cells, and there weren't multiples in a single cell, so I'm hoping it wasn't laying workers. The bees are very calm too, so I'm hoping she is in there. I did put in a full frame from another hive that had BIAS plus some honey. So I'm going to leave them alone for about a week until this chilly rainy weather passes, then perform another inspection.


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