Let us not forget the First Amendment either!

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Ben Framed:
Here in Mississippi! Unbelievable! Look what they did to this good Pastor and his congregation who broke NO law!

I suspect some of this stuff is going to end up in court.  States have broad public health powers in an emergency, but they still need to be kept in check when they overreach.

I'm thinking when governors and lower government levels do this, they should have to  recite their Constitutional power to perform these  acts.Federal or state Constitution.
Not a legislative act with no constitutional support.


--- Quote ---Not a legislative act with no constitutional support.
--- End quote ---

Most of these are not legislative acts, but edicts from governors.  In my state, she just does stuff and everyone goes along.  She now says we are 6 weeks out from a slow restart.  I don't think people are going to take another 6 weeks of complete shutdown.  Not only are businesses dying, but the state has no revenue. 

Hops Brewster:
Protests against closures have already begun.  In Ohio many people gathered to demonstrate for reopening of business.  Smaller, scattered protests around the country seek return to work, as well. 
I believe that if things don't begin to get back to normal within 2 or 3 weeks, more and more citizens will decide to take matters into the people's hands.  then we will see which governments around the country choose power over liberty.


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