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You're not wrong, but that 556 or 223 or 300 still goes thru the bad guy, your wall, and your neighbors wall.  And the bad guy may not know he has been hit (except for the 300, maybe).  The proposed handgun version of a 556 will penetrate body armor, leading to the banning of the round because it becomes a handgun round in the US.

Ar-15 ... "best ground squirrel rifle ever". Don't believe it? Try the alfalfa fields of Nevada - you can shoot further with other rounds/rifles, but nothing matches distance/capacity/durability combination of the AR on the disease-infested ground squirrels - imho. ... best real-life video game ever. Bring several AR's w/ high power scopes. When they begin to heat up (overheating once: ruins accuracy permanently on most models), open the action, drop the mag, and place on fence post (thru the mag well) like a "wind vein" to allow barrel cooling. Grab the next [cool] one, and continue. ... and bring lots of ammo ...  :cool:

AR for home defense? ... not so much imo ... I'll take a scatter gun - #8 or #9.5 shot, cut the walls above the powder, and below the shot (almost in half). ... shot cup exits as a slug, opens on impact, won't kill a baby sleeping in the next room ... 1 persons opinion ...

AR for war-time? ... let's not go there ... I Hope and Pray.


--- Quote from: jvalentour on December 09, 2019, 10:26:27 pm ---The proposed handgun version.....

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What handgun version are you referring to?
Personal Defense Weapon System = "Assault Rifle"

Michael Bush:
The AR-15 is a useful self defense weapon under some conditions.  In my experience in a house you have more than one issue.  You have the issue of going through walls.  You have the issue of someone grabbing the barrel.  Home defense is usually face to face, not at any range.  A pistol is harder for someone to grab and take away from you.  My personal opinion on what is the most useful self defense weapon is a double action revolver.  It is always in one of two conditions.  Loaded or unloaded.  A semi auto pistol could be in six different conditions and unless you are disciplined enough to always store it in the same condition, you have to think about what you are doing.  Most self defense situations happen in the middle of the night when you are groggy from sleep.  You have enough to worry about just deciding if you need to or don't need to shoot someone without having to think about the state of the gun.  If you buy something like Gazer safety slugs they shouldn't penetrate walls though I would still not count on it.  I would try to always be in a position that i don't have anyone on the other side of the target.  I think anything more than a .357 is more recoil than most people can easily handle.  Anything less than a .357 is marginal for stopping power.  So That would be my choice.  If that recoil is too hard to handle for someone, then you can always shoot .38s in it.  For handy you can get a five shot snub nose.  You can also get as much as an eight shot revolver.  Of course I think you should be able to buy whatever you prefer...

Good points Michael.
The debate over the best home defense system will never end. One size does not fit all.

Proficiency using your system is the most important factor.


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