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Michael Bush:
As far as varmits, an AR-15 is not a bad choice.  You can buy cheap ammo and it's fun to shoot.  But I can hit those same varmits at a half a mile with a .25-06 and I can't with the .223.  At least not at all on a windy day and not well on a calm day.  I think every law abiding American should be able to buy an AR-15.  I don't own one because I don't have any use for one nor any desire for one.  The only .223 I own is a single shot pistol...

I hunt deer with a compound bow and a slug shotgun.
Everything else I own is for punching paper at the range.
The AR-15 with the buffer tube has low recoil for a center fired round. Less pain, more fun. Nothing evil.

Michael Bush:
> Less pain, more fun. Nothing evil.

I can understand that.  It's fun to shoot something that isn't painful but it's also fun to shoot something with some recoil.  I really enjoy putting bullets in the same hole.

You want recoil, how about firing a Mosin-Nagant with a metal butt plate wearing only tee shirt?That will make you feel recoil.

Michael Bush:
>That will make you feel recoil.

I like a push.  I don't like pain.


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