Somebody has to start it...

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We ain't talking Las Vegas lines here, we're talking WIN.  As in "The Tide will STOMP the Wolverines and WIN the game".   :evil:

Even Garfield knows the truth...

Won’t be long now before the Tide rolls down the drain.  Hail to the Victors!


--- Quote from: Intheswamp on August 31, 2012, 09:11:43 pm ---Even Garfield knows the truth...

--- End quote ---

That's cold, man!  Still trying to forget the 1988 Outback Bowl or the 2000 Orange Bowl?  So what rhymes with Alabama?  At 3-5 I think Nick still has some ground to make-up trying to catch Michigan in wins.

I think Bama currently has a better team too, but it's fun to hope.  Besides, the Elephants don't have three years of Rich Rodriguez to recover from. 

I give both schools credit for NOT scheduling a "cream puff" to open with like ND, Florida, Ohio State and others did.  Kudos to Hoke too for suspending Toussaint and Clark.  Neither would make a significant difference in the outcome of the game, but suspending them speaks volumes about Hoke and the program, even if he did bullsh*t and drag it out until the end of the week.  Watching ESPN this morning, it seemed as if all the news was about all the players that were either suspended or kicked off various teams.

I hope we get a good game, regardless of who wins.  I sorely miss well-coached games played by intelligent kids, particularly after seeing the highlights last night of players not knowing which way to run.

This is Michigan! – GO BLUE!

 :( :( :( :idunno: :idunno:

Hat’s off to Bama.  They looked very impressive out there on the field.  We really should have a descent Michigan football team this year, so it’s pretty impressive that Bama was able to dominate our Wolverines so convincingly.  I gotta hand it to Bama, there were clearly the much better team.


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