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Hey Sundog...I *really* enjoyed the game. Thanks for starting the thread the thread? :lau: was a good game.  Michigan's got some building to do.  When they first hit the field you could see s spark of what they may become...and all along throughout the game.  Bama's the same, they're building in there way, too.

Sundog, it was indeed a good game and I saw little anger show up on the field and that made it even better.  I love to watch the kids play and to razz folks about the games, but I realize that that is what they  And in realizing that, I can enjoy or lose. ;)  Michigan has got a ways to go, but those kids will get it together.  Robinson needs to use his head a bit more (and not for a steam-roller) he ain't no Tebow to be bowling over folks....but he's tough and he's game, so my hat's off to him.   

ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!   41-14 !!!!!!!!!!!

Ya'll really didn't think I'd post without saying that, did you?  :-D


Epilog –

Alabama was very impressive.  With the exception of a brain fart or two, they played a close to perfect game.  They ruled the line of scrimmage and managed the ball very well.  That offensive line is huge and they will have a lot of fun this season.
The Michigan defense looked a lot like we saw during the RR years.  Bad angles and lots of arm tackles.  Didn’t work too well.  I thought the play calling was unimaginative too.  I fear last year was an optimistic spike and we are in for a mediocre season again.

Sill it’s great to be seeing football again!

My thoughts exactly SunDog.  It sure looked like Rich Rods team out there; but as you said, we have to give Bama due credit.  They are a very well balanced team.  They looked like Michigan of old. 

I know that Bama won at the line of scrimmage, but for a 5th year QB to be dominated like Robbinson was, was disappointing.  If you can't figure out how to get the ball past the line of scrimmage after starting 5 years, then something is not really working together very well.  Of coarse it's not all Robbinson's fault, but as we found out in the RR era, if you don't have the threat of a pass game, you get crushed every time.

On a lighter note; hey it's just a game.  The kids are out there to have fun.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  Such is life.


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