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Probably as good of a time as any to start a thread on Big 10 football.

The former “mighty” Bucks had a heck of game against Wisconsin tonight.  A 4th quarter thriller down to the very last play.  The Buckeyes somehow pulled off the upset.  Wisconsin must be thinking the Bee Gods are against them after losing 2 straight games on Hail Mary passes.

I didn't watch that game but did watch the Stanford/USC game. 3 overtimes! What a game! Stanford wins! BTW, the Tennessee/ South Carolina game was about as boring as it gets!


Saw the highlights of that game JP, looked like an incredible game.

I wonder if the close game will affect rankings of Stanford.

Poor Wisconsin, they now have two losses and I would assume they will drop out of the top 20, maybe top 25 after this week.  Ironic since they are probably the best team in the big 10 this year.

unfortunately i spent my saturday in the dark because of all the trees falling down on power lines all over the place. all of north jersey was a nightmare. roads closed, power out, etc.

 i got to hear Rutgers vs WVU on the radio. not exactly my first choice. but at least Penn State won again. how they continue to win with no offense is a mystery to me but i'll take it. if they can somehow manage to beat nebraska this week, then ohio state and wisconsin they would  play in the first ever big ten championship game, after that they may be rosebowl bound. but i won't hold my breath.

as for Stanford, i think they'll be playing for the national championship against Alabama ( sorry, JP ) of course that is just my prediction, what do i know ? i can't wait to see Alabama vs LSU this sat.

I watched the tail end of the Penn State game.  I couldn’t believe how poorly they looked compared to recent years.  Don’t know if it was the weather or what.  I’m no Buckeye fan, but I was surprised how well they are playing now; Nebraska too.  Penn State is going to have a very tough road ahead of them. 

Is Joe Pa just a figure head at this point, or do you think he’s really involved in the games?

Don’t have a feel for who is going to win the LSU vs Bama game, but I’ll go out on a limb and predict it won’t be close.  I think one or the other will run away with the score.  With Les Miles, nothing is predictable.


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