Tapatalk forum access with iphone

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Ha ha, the Yankee Redneck is back!!!!!!  :-D


I just downloaded the tapatalk and so far I'm really liking it. it is much nicer for forums than the browsers I've tried so far.

click around some too ken, the features aren't always in your face but it is a powerful app and great for finding other forums of interest too.

Admin wise, it really does great and trying to see the forum using a browser instead of tapatalk is frustrating at least.

The cool thing of taking photos or adding them from your camera roll is so easy too - that is a very handy feature.

I found this on another forum today....not sure if it is a great deal or if they lowered the price....

but---Tapatalk for iOS devices - $0.99 instead of the regular $2.99.  They posted that it was "on sale" don't know what tomorrow's price will be!

But it got me to bite...downloaded it and will see how it works tonight!

Not sure where you found it on sale, but there are many sale sites for the iDevices - I exclusively use APPS FIRE a wonderfully laid out app that hosts about 100 apps that are FREE for at least that day or for a weekend (all holidays have majors free apps available)

Right now I have 482 apps in my iPod (64gig gen4 model) and all are organized in 4 pages of folders, I can find any app in 2 clicks. Total of apps I've paid for is about $30 - all the rest I got when the were free.

NOTE - they also have REDUCED PRICE APPS but I tend to not look at them. So I may have missed Tapatalk.

Also, the 482 apps take up 26gig (that also counts 400 songs, 80+ podcasts, etc. I am sooooo pleased I got the 64 gig model because I may never run out of room and the iPod touch is the best tool I have ever had.

Search APPS FIRE and try it out. you will get the greatest tools and games you have every seen for free or unreal reduced prices.


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