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Title: hive top feed and inner cover
Post by: beefree on May 30, 2004, 02:06:26 pm
AFTER  i drove 40 miles and added a hive top feeder to my hive that WASN'T drawing ANYTHING on the PLASTIC frames/foundation in their new brood box (they much preferred to stay in the already drawn comb in the honey super, eating the honey another hive so helpfully made last winter, and then laying eggs there)  i went home and re-read the dummies book re: hive top feeders and NOT using the inner cover with one.  WHY NOT?  The book doesn't say, and i'd like to know how imperative it is that i drive back there before next week (when i have to go and refill the feeder anyway) to fix my mistake (I put the inner cover on top of the feeder (it fit fine) and the outer cover on top of the whole darn thing).  If you know, PLEASE enlighten me.  Thanks.
PS I had moved the medium super to the bottom and the combless deep to the top last time i was out there, thinking that if they like to work up, maybe that would help.  Nope.  This time, when i installed the feeder, i also sprayed the plastic foundation with sugar water, hoping that might motivate them.
Title: hive top feed and inner cover
Post by: Robo on May 31, 2004, 09:10:25 am
Can't say for sure, but perhaps they meant don't put the hive top feeder on top of the inner cover.  With the inner cover on top of the super and below the feeder, it would take longer for the bees to find the syrup, and would make them farther from the brood nest.  

If you put the inner cover on top of the feeder, I don't see that as a problem.  Either way,  I wouldn't make a special trip just to remove it.
Title: hive top feed and inner cover
Post by: Queen Bee on May 31, 2004, 09:38:58 am
I have always placed the inner cover on top of my top hive feeders (I see no use in hauling them back to storage and then forgetting it when I need to take the feeder off and the having to return with it later!) I have been keeping bees for 4 years and never -not once had a problem with it. I check it often to make sure they have food and to make sure there are no  moths, ants, or other 'vistors' on the inner cover that the bees can't get to and take care of!
Title: hive top feed and inner cover
Post by: Lechwe on May 31, 2004, 03:14:24 pm
You should not have a problem with the inner cover on top. You can change it when you remove teh feeder for the year.

How far off I96 are the bees you are taking care of? I drive 96 to Ann Arbor 5 days a week. If you ever get in a bind and can't make it to check on them let me kow, I can stop and take a look at them for you.

Good luck
Title: thanks everybody!
Post by: beefree on June 04, 2004, 10:17:34 pm
Well, since no one gave me any doomsday scenarios about that inner cover, i haven't gone back to remove it.  depending on the weather over the next three days, i will go back and add more sugar water... if anything odd has happened, i'll post it.  otherwise, i will continue to use that inner cover, because if i take it off, i'll have to haul it home with me, and i KNOW i'll forget to bring it back when i go to remove the feeder.
Thanks Lechwe, the hive with the feeder is about 10, 12 miles directly west  of potterville, which i think would be a backtrack for you.  However... the other  4 hives are in Fowlerville, about 5 minutes drive off the I-96 exit, so if my sitter  abandons me again (lucky kid visiting relatives in warm, DRY Arizona), I'll email you right off instead of sitting here stewing about it and taking potshots in frustration  at the baldfaced hornets and yellow jackets inhabiting my deck... :-)  

why can't i get my smilies to move?

Beefree, having a happy evening contemplating the hive i will have in MY BACKYARD NEXT YEAR.
Title: postscript
Post by: beefree on June 09, 2004, 04:12:49 pm
i ended up removing the inner cover went i went back to feed that hive because i couldn't abide all the BIG BLACK ANTS living on it.  since they can't exactly live in a tub of sugar water (drown!  drown! just drown you icky ants!)  ...i sprinkled the top edges of the feeder with cinnamon before putting the telescoping cover back on...the ants ran away from it while i was doing iit and the bees didn't care so maybe that will help.  now i'll be buying cinnamon by the pound, at least my hives smell yummy.  if i can only remember to bring back the cover when i go to take the feeder OFF...