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WEB VIDEOS / Wyatt Earp On Gunslinging In The Old West
« Last post by Ben Framed on Today at 08:48:46 am »

From Wyatt Earps Words of gunplay back in the Old West...

I was at my sisters house last year for my father?s funeral. Almost all of the maple trees have this 10? wide strip of sticky tape around them. These bugs were killing the trees and they were trying to stop it. The spotted lantern fly climbs up the trunk to lay its eggs and gets caught in the sticky tape. Someone had just changed the one on the tree next to her patio. It was not long before they were getting stuck on the paper. They are a real menace.
Jim Altmiller
DARK SIDE OF THE MOON / aliens in Vegas
« Last post by animal on Today at 12:30:52 am »
at least it's not the nasty little grays, so presumably nobody got probed. :cool:


but something flashed the cops ..
« Last post by .30WCF on June 07, 2023, 06:42:46 pm »
Does this look like anyone you know?

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Jim Altmiller

Beekeeping Today Podcast

MAY 29, 2023
The Spotted Lantern Fly and Bad Honey
with Dr. Robyn Underwood (S5, E50)

In today?s episode, we talk with Dr. Robyn Underwood of Penn State?s Lopez-Uribe Lab. We?ve invited Robyn as she has researched and written about the Spotted Lantern Fly and how its presence can impact honey production.
Have you ever tasted your honey and thought was a bit off, or perhaps? way off?  Maybe even awful?  If you are along the East Coast of the United States and now even parts of the Midwest? check to see if you have the Spotted Lantern Fly in your State and locale.
If you do live in an area with the SLF? then what you may be tasting? what your bees may be collecting, is the ?honey? created from the sweet ?honeydew? excrement from the this imported leafhopper from China.
(Yes, the bees can collect enough of the honeydew to produce frames of SLF ?honey??)
It is a fascinating discussion of yet another invasive species you need to be aware of. Even if you do not live in one of the 13 states currently dealing with this leafhopper, you should know about it. The SLF is spreading fast, preferring the sweet sap of over 70 different plant species, especially grape plants, maple, and the Tree of Heaven.
To add insult to injury, the excremented honeydew, attracts not only honey bees, but other insects including wasps, plus, it builds up and promotes the growth of a dark sooty mold can will cover everything.
Listen today and be on the watch for the Spotted Lantern Fly!
We hope you enjoy the episode. Leave comments and questions in the Comments Section of the episode's website.
Links and websites mentioned in this podcast:
Penn State Extension Website about the Spotted Lantern Fly: https://extension.psu.edu/spotted-lanternfly
Robyn's Research on the Spotted Lantern Fly and Honey Bees: https://academic.oup.com/jee/article-abstract/112/6/2993/5523056?redirectedFrom=fulltext
Beekeeping Today Podcast on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@beekeepingtodaypodcast
Kim's Climate Change Blog: https://www.growingplanetmedia.com/blog
Honey Bee Obscura: https://www.honeybeeobscura.com
It doesn?t work on my iPhone.
Jim Altmiller
« Last post by animal on June 07, 2023, 12:46:58 pm »
Most times water chases them somewhere else. Soap will help the water get into their body and drown them better.
For nests in the ground, my preferred method is lawnmower, piece of 1/2" FIP (NPT) steel pipe, section of heat resistant hose, a bucket(or washtub sized to the mound), a couple of bricks and some dirt.

Unscrew muffler from mower, screw in the 1/2" pipe finger tight with a good amount of teflon tape. Attach hose and run it to mound. Cover with bucket. Weight down bucket with bricks and seal around bottom with dirt. Crank up mower and let it run while you do something else. When they are all dead or dying at the secondary and tertiary mounds, shut the mower off. ... or do like I usually do, and forget until it runs out of gas.

works even better with truck exhaust, but you have to buy or make an adapter. Mine is made from fiberglass cloth, some aluminum flashing, and worm gear clamps.

The borax and jelly lure sounds great and easier than making a liquid.

Disclaimer: the thread size on my old push mower is 1/2" NPT ... same as the steel pipe. Yours may be different? For people in California... I've never tried it with an electric mower. Maybe y'all can try it and post results?
GENERAL BEEKEEPING - MAIN POSTING FORUM. / Re: two hives two stories
« Last post by The15thMember on June 07, 2023, 11:39:58 am »
Brood looked generally fine, but I am not sure this hive is doing "just fine". It's not growing, while the other one exploded.
The million dollar question here is "Why?".  What is the limiting resource that is keeping them back?  A hive at this time of year should be growing, so why are they having trouble making more bees? 

The best thing to do is take pictures of the brood, reduce them down to under 200k and post them for us to look at.
I agree some pictures would be helpful.   
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