Former Hawaii Representative, Tulsi Gabbards' Announcement.....


Ben Framed:

Former Hawaii Representative, Tulsi Gabbard says she is no longer a Democrat. The veteran and Army Reserve Officer released a statement to the public this morning saying in part "I believe in a government that is "Of The People', 'By The People', and 'For The People"; "Unfortunately, today's Democratic party does not:"  "Instead, it stands for a government 'of', 'by', and 'for' the Powerful Elite". 

Through her entire statement on sub stack Gabbard did not confirm what party if any she would be joining she also reports she will go into detail on why she's leaving the party in the coming weeks.

Michael Bush:
I am curious to see where she is going to go with this.  She's asking others to leave the party with her so maybe she has a plan to start a centrist Democrat party  She's obviously a socialist but she's also obviously not on board with the radical left and she is a patriot, in that she loves America as opposed to hating it like the radical left is doing.  In some ways, in the long run, this might save the Democrat party if the centrists who will never be Republicans have somewhere to go since the party left them.  But fragmenting the party will make it hard to win any race or any vote.


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