Can We Count On The Police?

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Hi Folks,

This piece says it better than I can compose. I always thought we could,... but I've been wondering....


I promise you, we cannot.

In my locality, we have a sheriff who has been caught in an affair scandal complicated with misuse of public resources to try to cover it up and illegally arrest his mistress when she threatened to expose him (after becoming pregnant...).  He then issued a statement on 2nd Amendment sanctuary cities basically stating that his hands were bound by Florida law and he would uphold anything that comes down from Tallahassee, regardless of whether it's constitutional.

No, the police are not always your friend.  I expect them to be upstanding and observant of the US Constitution.  I give them full respect as humans with a tough occupation...until that power attempts to compromise my rights.

I live in Baker County, moved out of Duval County, party because I feel safer here. If you stop on the side of the road and a deputy drives by, he will stop and ask if you need help. From the top down, they feel their job is to protect us, not find some reason to arrest us. When they arrive on seen of a hot situation, they do their best to calm it, not make it worse and try to get all parties to come together. I have, as a first responder, seen this several times.
Jim Altmiller

This is a great quote from the article:

... We?ve seen all these things happen or be threatened since the bat stew virus infected the Bill of Rights, perhaps fatally. And these atrocities have to stop ...

This article makes some really good points. Hopefully the msg gets thru to our LEO community.

We can only count on the rule of law which should apply to everyone.  It is very unfortunate that some people believe the rule of law does not apply to them or that it only applies to who they think it should apply to.  When the man at the top believes he is untouchable the behavior trickles down.  It will get worse while the politicians continue to exhibit a blinds eye followed by their famous finger pointing.  All the while the slogan "Keep America Great" is doing the exact opposite.

We can only count on the police or any other institution if it is held accountable.


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