Trading Post Rules


In order to abide by the bylaws, please do NOT post prices on items in the Trading Post.

--- Quote ---This forum is for SWAPPING items for other items. Feel free to detail the items, but only list items you wish to trade or swap, and do not put a dollar value on the product - anyone interested in what you are trying to exchange or purchase, they will contact you. If prices are found in the forums (especially if the "price" had to be removed by a moderator because the member posting is selling something he manufactured or is selling as a business) then the entire post will be removed and you will likely be banned especially if this is a second infraction. Note: all prices if posted in public forums will be removed, along with the post by the moderators discretion - talk about your items in anyway, but keep prices out or likely the post will disappear and you will be notified of why. . . . Our forums will not be a place where anyone setups up a store front and uses us as their website shopping cart.

This also means that if you have (let's say access to an unlimited supply of feeder jars) you cannot go into the trading post, give the impression you have a few available and spend the next 3 years making money in PMs - go to EBAY where you belong. The trading post is to sell or swap used or excess equipment that you no longer need, not a place to set up a store front. We have all seen these shady businesses who are ALWAYS going out of business, that mentality will not fly here, if you have bought more equipment than you find out you need, then listing it and asking for items that you may need in exchange is the way to post.
--- End quote ---

Please see the full bylaws at the top of the main page and the following post for detailed rules on the use of the Trading Post.


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