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Here is a video I quickly improvised when testing the Samsung N120 cam feature's "One Click" Youtube upload feature - wow is this a handy feature.

The video is light hearted (a parody or spoof) but the message is real enough "NO SELLING" just trade, barter or swap of excess, used or no longer needed equipment. No product BUILT or raised for sale is allowed, this video does a pretty good job in 39 seconds of expressing my opinion - enjoy.


hey John!
 That made me crack up!
It was a whole other image of what I expected of you! That was really good stuff!!
your friend,

You need to update that avatar, John.  With those glasses and the new beard I almost didn't recognize you :-)  Fun video btw :-)

JOhn, nice accent, smiling.  THink that you did a great job of getting the point across, I don't think I will ever forget seeing and listening to this message, smiling, good job, BTW, I liked it and it brought that smile to my face.  Have that most beautifully, awesome and great day, with great health.  Cindi

Thanks for the replies all :)

Johnny it was a silly thing, you never know what you will do when the cam is on, and this looked like a funny keeper :)

E! The beard is gone now, although I'm seriously thinking about growing it back - Tracey doesn't like it at all, but she tolerates it - ugh.

Cindi my friend, any time I can bring a smile to your face and a lasting memory, I have done my job - so good to see you again too! Hope youe schedule opens up and you get out here more often, you are missed by so many of us.

Seems like it has had many views, that is cool - I have made many more for forum intros, but I want to redo them in higher def, I doubt I'll do the same character, I enjoy being me. Peace.


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