How do you post pictures on this form or videos ?


Jim 134:
 I personally don't see how. I can do it from my telephone ?
   Maybe I need a computer ? I do have an android phone.  My computer is a windows.. If this makes any difference..

         BEE HAPPY  Jim  134 :smile:

Ben Framed:
Jim I use to use "resizer" on my phone. I tried the "resize it" app first but was never successful. Just get the app and follow the instructions. The real key is reducing the picture to the accepted size not exceeding the maximum. A little below maximum worked for me.
However I have a new set up and have not set the phone up for posting pictures. Maybe others will have other options, chiming in to you aid.   

The15thMember post here from her computer. I feel certain she will be able to help you with the computer part as others as well.

Jim 134:
    Now what do I do ??...Yes I resizer the photos...

                BEE HAPPY  Jim134  :smile:

Jim 134:
 1st attempts did not work out too well for me... In my  Opinion

        BEE HAPPY  Jim 134   :smile:

Did you try following the below instructions?

 Jim Altmiller


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